Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Nair-ree a lick of Rain!! That's my southern way of saying "No precipitaion has occured in this area". The farms are suffering here because of a lack of rain. So far, we have only received 9 inches of rain this entire year. The corn on the farms near me has already started to twist. A site I hate to see. Our pecan crop will be slim pickins this year, despite our daily irrigation efforts. The last two growing seasons have been altered greatly due to the horrific hurricane seasons. In 2004 we lost many trees because of the wind and rain. 2005 was only a little better. This year the tree's crop will be smaller from the lack of sun during the 2004 & 2005 growing season. I reckon our spiritual lives are the same way. Jesus is our water. When we fail to take in enough of Him, we twist like un-watered corn, we cant grow and most importantly, we have poor fruit or none at all. My husband and I look at the weather channel everyday in hopes the forecaster might tell of some rain coming our way. I am glad that my spiritual WATER is predictable. I can tune in to Jesus anytime and get a belly full of that Eternal Water! There is no need for my crop to suffer can lead a horse to the water but you cant make him drink. Jesus want force Himself on us. His water is free and it quenches the thirst. These pictures are of a storm that was coming in. We only received 8/10's of an inch that day but we were thankful. If my pet turkey could talk, I bet he would tell you that rain is a blessing...that perfect water sent from God above!

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