Wednesday, June 11, 2008


We planted a few simple things around the house this year & they are growing nicely. The pecans look scarce & already the war has begun against the Aphids & Casebearers. We put a gallon of lady bugs out last Friday night and we got a nice rain yesterday evening. Hopefully the combination of the two will knock the pesty insects out.

Monday, June 02, 2008

A Little Savings with a Little Shopping

Danny & I had to go to Waycross this afternoon & we decided to pick up a few things at the Kroger grocery store. It is a nice big store & they carry a large selection of groceries. There is a nice big bakery & deli, a huge produce selection, and if your into health foods....well they have the biggest selection I've ever seen. They have recently added a fuel station outside the store. If you use their Kroger savings card you get your gas 3 cents cheaper a gallon (same as Wal-Mart) BUT if you make a $100.00 dollar or more purchase of groceries from Kroger you get A 10 CENT per gallon discount when you buy gas the same day!!!!!! HELLO!! I'm all about some savings here! Oh & another thing I liked about Kroger today.....they bagged all my groceries in paper...they didn't ask me...they just did it. I love brown bagging it!

Thought I would pass that little tidbit on.

Back in the winter I bought a box of this Lipton Honey & Lemon Tea. I love it & have been rationing it out until I went back to Kroger (none of the other stores I go to carry it). This tea is soooo good! The maple flavored cookies are great too & I love them with the tea....or milk....or coffee.....or right by them-selves!!

Well just thought I would share that with you all. So what tips do yall have for saving money these days?