Saturday, September 23, 2006

There is a THIEF in the midst and HE HAS GOT TO GO!!!!!! Of course blogger will not load my pictures fast or in the order that I want with me here! These pic's show my grape vine & piles & GOBS of hulls on the ground!! At first we thought someone came to the house when we were not at home (like our boys) and decided to have a snack. We could see where someone or SOMETHING had been eating the grapes & spitting out the hulls. Well this happened several different times and we discovered it was taking place at night. We knew that wasn't a SOMEONE so that left a SOMETHING...but what? Gandalf had not barked, Danny went out several times in the night with a light trying to catch IT, but to no avail. BUT YOUR SINS WILL FIND YOU OUT!! HA! Gandalf finally caught the sneaky thief and ran him up a pecan tree the other night! IT was SAM...better known as OPOSSUM!! The sorry sucker met his demise the other night...but with a full belly! never know what will take place around here!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What is it about the moon that mesmerizes us? Mama posted a picture of the full moon a few weeks ago & Flora posted one this week. I love the moon, always have since I was a child. The next couple of moons will be harvest moons. Big shiny moons! Mama told me that it is always colder on a full moon. Oh I cant wait! Danny & I like to ride the rhino or the golf cart on a full moon. There's just nothing like it!! Now how in the world can anyone look at the moon & NOT know or believe there is a God. "Praise Him, sun and moon, praise Him all you shining stars!" Psalms 148:3

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Well it took all day to download these pictures! These are all from this morning. The air was cool & crisp and there was just a hint of fog. The ducks were playing in the pond & then came up to see what Gandalf (my yellow lab) the cats and me were up too. I was on my golf cart & all the critters were following me around. Turk has not been moving around much since he lost his girlfriend. He has been hanging out down at the hen house. I guess they keep him company. The pictures just dont do the morning justice! I wish you could have felt the rooster crowing, some kind of bird singing his head off...Gandalf, the ducks and cats...all checking out the day. I got a glimpse of the owl this morning but this evening she wasn't shy at all. It has been a nice day...a day that the LORD has made...I have been rejoicing in it all day. Wish you could have been here!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The US Post Office really has some neat stamps these days. I usually buy a roll of stamps but I couldn't resist these Super Heroes and Wonder's of America. With stamps like these....who cares about E-MAIL!! I want to send a letter or even mail a bill....Yes I said a bill!! LOL!
Hey JEN at A GOOD CUP OF COFFEE.....I haven't been able to post a comment on your blog. I didn't want you to think I had forgotten about you! Maybe the Beta Blogger thing will be fixed soon!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11, 2001. I was working at a home care agency and had to go in early to do a supervisory visit with an aide and the patient that morning. After finishing with the visit I had a good bit of time to kill before my office was to open so I decided to go and visit my friends at the dialysis center. Several of us were in the break room where the TV was on. I remember looking up and seeing the report and the picture of the first attack on the tower. Everyone quit talking and was watching. It was just a little after 8 in the morning. Then the second one took place. I was scared to death. I left the dialysis center and went strait to my office to find my secretary standing my the radio. The office next door had a TV but they were not open yet. I started calling my husband who worked on Ft. Stewart at the time. I remember telling him to get off the base and go home. He was not aware of the attacks yet. It wasn't long and the other attacks took place. I called my husband back and at this point Ft. Stewart's security was on high alert. My husband and his company was sent home eary, I was so thankful. Who knows if there would be more attacks. So many thoughts ran through our minds at work. I was blessed to have a very wise and Godly secretary who kept a positive outlook. I still have trouble understanding the nature of such an act.....for a god that says you can have heaven if you kill other innocent people!? Oh I am so thankful for my Jesus because HE died for me and every other human being born into this world, so that with faith, believing that God, The I am, sent His son Jesus to die once on the cross as the ONLY PERFECT sacrifice to cover all my sin..past, present, and future so that I may inherit Salvation in the Kingdom of Heaven!! Oh yes God, King Jesus IS in control and He allowed the attacks to take place. We may never know why...but I can tell you one thing I have learned through it all ........there are thousands of people who dont know Jesus Christ as the Savior and they are dying every day. Oh Lord help me to feel your Holy Spirit when I encounter someone who does not know you and give me the courage to tell them of your love! 9-11 is a day of remembrance but it is also a day to remind us of His love, Grace (getting what I dont deserve) and His Mercy (Not getting what I do deserve)!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

There has been a lot of talk about enjoying old fashioned candlestick holders. These are not old but have an old touch to them. I love watching the wax drip down the side and the flicker of the flame. The bottom picture is of an owl I bought from Cracker Barrel last weekend when my youngest son and I stopped in for breakfast. The owl has a tea light in it that makes it really glow. I love owls. My friend Flora at Wildflower Meadow loves owls too & she was able to get a nice picture of a real Great Horned Owl. Go and check it out! I think I may leave my Owl out on my fireplace year round.
I am so thankful for many things but I don't voice it enough. God has given me so much. I can go and eat with my son, buy most anything I want, I have good health and so does my family...the list goes on. My friend Marci made me think about this and on her blog she asked that everyone leave a comment with something they are thankful for. I would like you all to do the same. With the anniversary of September 11th here....we have sooo much to be thankful for. "Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ" Ephesians 5:20

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I am fascinated with clocks especially Grandfather clocks. This one in my living room is not an expensive clock at all but I love the "DONG, DONG, DONG" it makes every hour and half hour. Sometimes when I call home I can hear it Donging and it makes me homesick! It is comforting to me to hear it in the night too. Do any of you remember the Grandfather clock on Captain Kangaroo? I loved the Captain Kangaroo show and I wish I could buy the re-runs! Anyway...I loved the Grandfather clock and his wise smiling face!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

This is one of the monuments in Forsyth Park, Savannah. There are many squares with fountains, monuments, and all kinds of park activity. This square is not very far from River street. Like most of the squares in Downtown Savannah, they are beautiful in the Spring. The azaleas are amazing against the backdrop of the old oak trees. Now this is Southern!