Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I hope everyone is having a safe and happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So I have a birthday coming up this week...I'm not scared to admit I will be 38! Proud of it! However....I have to renew my drivers license. The NOW photo is way over 10 years old. So I am going to buck up & go get a new one today! BUT first things first....I'm going to get my hair done...then I will go get a new picture ID. I will wear a white t-shirt (it makes for a good non-fat back ground) and I will make sure my make-up is just so. I will leave with the best darn picture ID in America! Every cop that pulls me over will wonder "Who is this girl trying to fool?"....every time I am carded for NOT buying an alcoholic drink (this is another story I will tell later), the sales person will think I had a model pose for my photo ID! Yes sir! I am going with determination today to get a GREAT PICTURE ON MY DRIVERS LICENSE!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008


Outside my window...The trees in the pecan orchard are bare. You can now see my home from the road. I don't like that!

I am thinking..."How could I have ate soooo much in such a short time!".

I am thankful for...extra time off with my husband!

From the learning rooms...I am starting a Bible study called "A Woman of Moderation".

From the kitchen...just a few more Christmas dinner left overs.

I am wearing...a white t-shirt and pink jogging pants.

I am creating...entries in my 2009 agenda.

I am my sister-n-law's for New Year's eye peas & mustard greens=lots of good luck and money for the new year!

I am reading...Nothing....going to the library this week.

I am hoping...for a healthy-uneventful new year for my family and I.

I am hearing...Danny coughing more. I don't like it. A call to the doctor is looming.

Around the house...getting the Christmas decor put away.

One of my favorite things...the laptop my Mama gave me!

A few plans for the rest of the week:An appointment with the beautician, drivers license renewal (that means a new Cotton-pickin-picture!),and errands in town.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

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Sunday, December 28, 2008


Yes I am glad the holiday season is coming to a close! LOL! We have had a good time around here but lets have some NORMALCY PLEASE AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
My mother-n-law celebrated her 70th birthday with a nice surprise party a couple weeks ago. My father-n-law took her on a tour of Europe 2 years ago and it was there that she fell in love with the Smart Car. So he bought her one for her birthday!

I got to go with them to the dealership in Charleston South Carolina where he bought the car. I even got to drive it half way home. It drives really well, it is very comfortable and roomy & I feel very safe in it. At the dealership, I told the salesman that I thought it was smaller than our Rhino and sure is. When they came for Christmas dinner I pulled the Rhino up beside it to see! Cute huh!

Little Package got her a new ride for Christmas too, however, she cant reach the pedals yet! LOL!

Well we have the New Year's celebration this week, then my birthday, then our anniversary.....and then a DIET PLAN!!

Hope all is well with everyone and that you have a Blessed New Year!

Monday, December 08, 2008


We've had Halloween......

Package and I put up the Christmas Tree......

We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving and great Fall weather.....

Got the slim crop of pecans Harvested and sold.....

And took a trip to my Mama's in North Georgia.....

It has been very busy around here and December doesn't appear to be any less slack! The majority of the craziness is over just the hustle and bustle of the holidays (Holy Days). I am being intentional on making this year Christ focused. I really want it to be a time for me to remember my Savior.