Sunday, December 28, 2008


Yes I am glad the holiday season is coming to a close! LOL! We have had a good time around here but lets have some NORMALCY PLEASE AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
My mother-n-law celebrated her 70th birthday with a nice surprise party a couple weeks ago. My father-n-law took her on a tour of Europe 2 years ago and it was there that she fell in love with the Smart Car. So he bought her one for her birthday!

I got to go with them to the dealership in Charleston South Carolina where he bought the car. I even got to drive it half way home. It drives really well, it is very comfortable and roomy & I feel very safe in it. At the dealership, I told the salesman that I thought it was smaller than our Rhino and sure is. When they came for Christmas dinner I pulled the Rhino up beside it to see! Cute huh!

Little Package got her a new ride for Christmas too, however, she cant reach the pedals yet! LOL!

Well we have the New Year's celebration this week, then my birthday, then our anniversary.....and then a DIET PLAN!!

Hope all is well with everyone and that you have a Blessed New Year!


dot said...

I knew you were going to post those car pictures before I could get around to it!

Jen said...

I love lil packages new ride. She looks as if she is very pleased with it.
Your mother in law has a nice one as sounds as if you had a nice holiday.

Miss. Mavee said...

What a cute car! The girls and I have seen a couple around are area and they look so dinky.

The Package looks very happy with her new red tricycle - how fun for her - it will be no time before she'll be all over the place on it.

Enjoy your New Year!