Wednesday, January 28, 2009


It has already rained this morning. The sun is out now & the temperature is suppose to get in the 70's today....and then more rain.

The wind is blowing like crazy! I am thankful for any rain or sunshine. Tomorrow it is suppose to be cold again. Hummmm.....if Mother Nature was a real woman...I would say she is having hot, no,....I would say she was Bi-polar! Can you see how hard it is for the ducks to swim against the wind this morning.

Here are the beginning shoots of my Daffodils! I cant wait...I love them!

I had to share this picture of Package with think she likes a Little Debbie cake? I wonder who bought those for her?!!

So what's going on with your weather right now?

Thursday, January 22, 2009


OK I am tired of having too much to do.
Monday...Danny had more tests at the hospital.

Tuesday...Package & I went to visit my parents-n-law because they haven't seen Package in a few weeks.

Wednesday...I had to take Package to the doctor...she had a ruptured ear drum. An all day thing!

TODAY...I AM TRYING TO GET CAUGHT UP ON THE MESS AROUND I have to go back to town to pick up the rest of Package's medicine (It took me 3&1/2 hours to get SOME of her medicine yesterday.)

I have to work tomorrow, Saturday, & Sunday, of course. THEN...
Monday... Danny has another doctors appointment.
And that is all on the agenda for next week...except to get this stinking house cleaned. Danny's oldest granddaughter has 3 days worth of doctors appointments the 1st week of February so there it goes again.

Does anybody want to give a friend a hand?!!!
Hope all is well with yall!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


With no warning I awoke at 12:45 Friday night (Saturday morning) with some type of stomach bug. No nausea & vomiting just the...well you know...don't even want to write the word! Saturday afternoon the fever & body-aches-like-you-wouldn't-believe came on. This is some bad stuff....I haven't been this sick since July 4th, 2004! Yes I remember the date...I still have my prescriptions for Phenergan & Imodium from then! Hello!

But I am much better...I am hoping to have a really good day so that I can go back to work tomorrow. We will see.

Say a prayer for Danny & Little Package that this mess will skip them. Danny's immune system is very weak & Package IS JUST A BABY!

I leave you with a picture of Little Package fast asleep on the Rhino. Pop-pa & her were out pruning trees Saturday. I guess she was all tuckered out. Danny drove her back to the house & told me I needed to see the poor little thing. That is a hard working-future pecan farming-Pop-pa-loving little girl!

Thursday, January 08, 2009


I'm glad it is all over & behind me. Now I can get back to a routine. Danny has been terribly sick since right before Christmas. He was prescribed a very strong antibiotic & it is finally working. Sickness can make you become very thankful. Thankful for insurance, doctors you can call your friends, friends of all kinds that are employed at the hospital, good medicine, a job you can leave if you need to (that goes for me & Danny). The list goes on & on. So during this I had a birthday & Danny & I celebrated 19 years together! Two more things to be thankful for. We didn't celebrate as in going out or anything (Danny is still under the weather) but we were able to reminisce & talk about how blessed we are to have each other. I am so BLESSED!!

So here is a picture of my mother-n-law & aunt. They came to see me on my birthday at work. They delivered a cream cake that my aunt made JUST FOR ME (of course I shared). That is the best darn cake & has now become my f-a-v-o-r-i-t-e! Now how blessed is that?!!!!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


So I had this idea to try drinking wine. Danny & I don't drink at all & this was not something he was endorsing for me to try. Soooo... my Mama was here visiting for Thanksgiving. We went shopping at Wal-mart and went by the wine racks. As I was standing there in front of that huge display of every-wine-known-to-man, one of the pharmacist I work with happened by.....So she recommend some wine & I bought it.

The next morning as Mama & I were cooking some things we decided to open some wine & try it. Now my Mama doesn't drink either but who safer to drink with then your Mama! So I take out bottle number one (of two bottles). I remove the paper from the top & find a cotton-picking-cork! Hey it was an $8.00 bottle, I didn't think there would be a cork! I DON'T HAVE A CORK REMOVER EITHER, but hey, I'm hard can it be to remove a cork! Hummmmm.

So I start with the big fork thingy you use to turn your pot roast with. After working the prongs in I attempt to twist & pull at the cork to no avail. Hummm. So me & this bottle of wine go down to the shop with Danny's tools. I put a drill bit on the drill & drill......right through the cork....Making plenty of cork shavings to litter my bottle of wine! The cork is still tight & I cant get whats left of the cork out. So I took a big Flathead screw driver and hammered the cork INTO THE DARN BOTTLE! Free at last! So I go back to the house with the cork tainted wine ready to drink. My Mama says...."You have to strain it now". Hummm. "Cheese cloth" my Mama says! I have we proceed in the straining of the wine....get our wine glasses out...pour it up...& smell & taste & pour the rest of it DOWN THE SINK!! It was horrible!

But this redneck is determined to be a wine drinker. So I go get the other bottle. I still don't have a cork remover but I am much wiser this go around! I take that bottle of wine right back down to the shop. I placed the correct size screw into the drill....drill it in halfway into the cork. I place the bottle of wine in Danny's vice on his work bench & tighten it up. I then use the claw hammer to remove the cork. "POP" goes the cork! I go back to the house....pour up Mama & I a nice clean glass of wine....we smell....we taste...and we POUR THE REST DOWN THE SINK! Wine looks, smells, and tastes a lot like Robitussin to me! So I'll just wait till I'm sick again & pour me up a good shot of Robitussin in my wine glass & call it a day!

Cheers to you wine drinkers our there!! LOL!