Thursday, January 15, 2009


With no warning I awoke at 12:45 Friday night (Saturday morning) with some type of stomach bug. No nausea & vomiting just the...well you know...don't even want to write the word! Saturday afternoon the fever & body-aches-like-you-wouldn't-believe came on. This is some bad stuff....I haven't been this sick since July 4th, 2004! Yes I remember the date...I still have my prescriptions for Phenergan & Imodium from then! Hello!

But I am much better...I am hoping to have a really good day so that I can go back to work tomorrow. We will see.

Say a prayer for Danny & Little Package that this mess will skip them. Danny's immune system is very weak & Package IS JUST A BABY!

I leave you with a picture of Little Package fast asleep on the Rhino. Pop-pa & her were out pruning trees Saturday. I guess she was all tuckered out. Danny drove her back to the house & told me I needed to see the poor little thing. That is a hard working-future pecan farming-Pop-pa-loving little girl!


dot said...

Haven't ya'll heard of the child labor laws? lol
She looks so cute! Wish I could see her.

Sandra said...

LOL that is such a cute pic :)

I sure hope you're feeling better, those stomach bugs are just awful.


Miss. Mavee said...

Glad you are felling better! The Little Package looks so cute asleep in the Rhino - takes me back to the days the girls would fall asleep anywhere.


Kelli said...

I'm praying for you, Tina! I can't believe how big the LIttle Package is!

Jen said...

I got this stuff the day after Christmas and it was horrible. I hope Danny didnt get it..not lil pkg.....