Saturday, June 16, 2007

I'm glad yall all like the new look. I have been working on it a little at a time. I dont have any choice but to work slowly cause I am clueless with this computer stuff.

Any who....things are really growing around here. The grape vine is LOADED this year! The pecan trees are growing but the freeze still put a damper on our crop. Can you believe the size of the "Aflec's" as Danny calls them? They are so big & so spoiled! They quack all the time wanting me to give them something to eat! Too cute. Well just thought I would show you a few things. See Yall!!!

Friday, June 08, 2007


Tuesday morning I was sitting on my back porch reading & I kept seeing something moving again & again out of the corner of my eye. I looked up to see a pair of blue birds working together like a team building a nest inside a box. The box has been up for 3 years with ZERO activity. I have always thought it was too close to the house & the tree it is on is right by the pond. NOT a place for blue birds to make their home BUT HUSBAND put it there!! Well I guess its not as bad a spot as I thought. I got a real kick out of that pair of birds. They worked so hard carrying each piece of straw or other nesting material piece by piece. Waiting patiently for the other to come out of the box. Now I dont speak blue bird language so I dont know if there was any fussing & fighting going on or not. Either never stopped their work. I watched them all day from inside & out. I hope to see some babies soon. Just like never know who's watching you.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Oh Yeah Kelli....better late than never!
This is the Yo_Yo quilt that Mama made for me. She also made a set of valances & a bed skirt to match. It is one of my prized possession's!


There has been Much Happenings here at my house this past month. No I aint dead....I've just had more to do & I've used my time in other areas. Lots of folks have asked me why I haven't been blogging. Well I really do love blogging & gettin on the computer, so much that I can become obsessed with it real easy like! For years I have had the same morning routine (I love the mornings). It always consisted of getting the coffee rolling, gettin a cup of it, a little something to eat on & heading for the porch. Then I spend the morning with my goodies, my daily Bible reading, journaling and prayer. With blogging I started skipping that & heading to the computer first and FREQUENTLY missing my quiet time all together. So I have knocked off a bit & got back to the basics. I frequently look at everyones blogs (yall have all become such dear friends to me)to see how everyone is doing but not spending the time to comment. I told my friend Kelli that I have become a "LURKER" of blogs! LOL! There really has been a lot of exciting things going on here in the past month. We have been to 2 family reunions, (One on my side & one on Danny's side) 2 different graduations (Danny's daughter graduated from RN school & our niece from high school) & as you can tell from the pictures......MUCH FISHIN has been going on!! With the severe lack of rain (Oh BUT GOD IS SO GOOD GIVIN US OVER 5 INCHES OF THAT BLESSED HEAVENLY WATER YESTERDAY!!!!!!) there has been less field cutting sooooo WE BEEN A FISHIN!!! The bream & bass fishin has been soooo good!!! There has been some other "this & thats" goin on to but the important thing is....I AINT DEAD like yall all probably thought! So just thought I would let yall know that I am here....lurking! LOL!

The pictures are: A Bass
Danny's daughter & grands at graduation
A Bass
Me & Mama at the family reunion
Danny & a big-in