Thursday, July 10, 2008


Its been a month & might be another month before I post again. Just some updates. The Summer months have brought a lot of work. Besides the normal work...up keep of the trees, I've been putting up vegetables & such. 8 bushels of peas (pink eyes,purple hulls, Mississippi Creams, Reds, Sudandees), a bushel of butter beans, 4 bushels of tomatoes, 4 bushels of corn, a bushel of squash & blue berries. Pickin, shellin, creamin....good night & there is still more to do as the growing season continues.

There is a new shelter being added on to store the pecan bins & tractors. We are trying to make some changes to make the pecan harvest easier & with less labor.

The Package has been recurrently sick. I think its from the RSV she had in February causing her to have a lot of respiratory infections. Danny has been sick too. In 18&1/2 years he has never had to take an antibiotic. Well the time has come.

So I guess like all of is busy! I am enjoying a really good Bible study by Beth Moore called the PSALMS OF ASCENT. Some of her studies can be hard and complicated but this one is simple but deep in spiritual truths. I highly recommend it!

No more posts for me. I've got work to do. Just thought I would give a little update with some pictures.

Danny's parents always rent a place on the lake. We eat & boat & eat & tube & eat....and eat! This year we had fried fish, taters, cold slaw, fried squash, grilled hot dogs, homemade strawberry & vanilla ice cream, pound cake & blue berry cobbler.

We always have a good time with the family. The down fall this year was that Danny has been sick. He didn't get to enjoy it like everyone else.

My step-grand, Stormi, holding The Package.
Granddaddy (Great-grand) pushing The Package around on a foot stool.

I had to show yall the new "What Not" or "Perty" that I got to display under one of the end tables in the living room. The Package is 9 months old now & crawling around like crazy. I had to move my real "What Nots & Pertys" so she wouldn't destroy them but I found I like her better!

I didn't know you could love something so much!