Friday, November 30, 2007


Well I haven't ever participated in Mama's Sky Watch and I've never used Mr. Linky so this is a pure TRIAL & ERROR THING FOR ME!!!! In September my parents-n-law rented a condo on Tybee Island. It's near Savannah, Georgia and the fishing is really great there......they say. I HATE SALT WATER FISHING and will get out of it if at all possible. (I love freshwater fishing!) So as soon as the sun started to go down that day, I tried to capture the show. It was sooooo beautiful! How can anyone question GOD'S existence after seeing something like this!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Well we are getting closer to the end of the pecan harvest. You can see what one truck load of nuts looks like. We are guesstimating a 30,000 pound total. We will know for sure at the end of the week. The pictures show Danny picking up the nuts with the harvester. When the hopper is full, he dumps them into a wagon where they are carried to the building. Then we clean, grade, bag, & load. In about 2 more years we will eliminate the use of our trailers and have the buyer send his transfer trucks out to get them. That will be nice! When the buyer can get 40,000 pounds or more, he sends his own trucks out. Since we have a young farm, an increase in production is expected. The last picture shows part of the orchard after harvesting. CLEAN AS A WHISTLE! We are keeping our fingers crossed on prices.....farming is a heck of a gamble and one I don't enjoy!! That's whats been going on here. This is what we work for all year long. GOD has been good to us no matter what the market holds.

Just a few pictures of Chaslynn.
She is 7 weeks old now & becoming a little butterball.
Chaslynn & her Daddy Chad. (Yes he's a little dirty from helping with pecans but dirt cant get in the way of Daddy & daughter!)
The "Little Package" and her Papa.
The "Little Package" Cheezin in her Meme's arms.
Chaslynn and Mama Alyssa.
The "Little Package" napping on her grandparents bed.

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! There just aint words!

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Sister Three has sent me the cutest messages wondering where I have been. No I aint dead & NO I AINT VOTING FOR HILL-LUR-REE!!! LOL!This 4 pound & 9oz package came into my life on October the 5th. Chasalynn Deloris Stone. This is not Danny's first grand but it is mine. I tried to NOT become CRAZY over her.....but it happened anyway. I'm ate up with her!! She was born 5 weeks early but all is well. I took her & her mama to the doctor Thursday & now she weighs 6 pounds and 9 ounces!!! Good night! She spent her first night away from home friday with me & her Papa. Chad & Alyssa live in the next town from here, actually about 1\2 a mile from Danny's business. AND since Chad works with Danny, Danny goes to see her every day. All of the other grands & great-grands live there too so I have to fight to see the baby sometimes! So between doing pecans & having a new baby.....well I'm a little occupied. lol So that is what I have been doing...hehe. I miss all of yall.