Wednesday, May 02, 2007

PULLING UP OLD ONES & PLANTING NEW ONES...... this is a heck of a job & an expensive one. The end of January & the first part of Febuary is when we re-plant the pecan trees that died the year before. We have to plant when the tree is dormant. As you can see there are a few steps involved but blogger would NOT allow me to put them in order.

1st pic...Putting a new tree in a fresh hole.

2nd pic...Leveling and packing the tree & the dirt.

3rd & 4th pic...packing the dirt down.

5th pic...Hooking the wench to the old dead tree root to pull it out of the hole.

6th pic...pulling the old dead root out. You cant do this by hand.

7th pic...This should be the 1st pic. It shows digging a hole for a new tree.

8th pic...Sizing the hole for the root system.

9th pic...Attaching the leveler to prevent placing the tree too deep or too shallow.

Even though it is past planting time, I just thought I would show you the process. I am hoping that the Easter freeze & the drought doesnt cause us to do much of this next winter. It has been our hopes that growing pecans would be part of our retirment check. We have been blessed that everything for the farm has been paid for in cash but sometimes we fret when we see a small crop or things that hinder production. We are blessed again that we dont have to depend on a pecan crop to pay our bills & most importantly that our trust lies within God & His faithfulness.