Wednesday, April 22, 2009

After I came in from drinking coffee on the front porch...I noticed how pretty it was in the dinning room. Just thought I would show yall.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It is a glorious day here! When Danny & I first got up we observed some beautiful new birds visiting around the feeders. I wish I had a picture but they were so small I couldn't have ever gotten close enough for a shot. According to my bird book they were Inigo Buntings.

As we opened the door to the front porch we were greeted with a brilliant sunrise and the sweet smell of honey suckle.

I am sitting on the porch now. I wish you all could be here with me drinking a cup of fresh ground coffee and enjoying the show GOD has put on for me this morning.

The doves are who-whoing and cooing. I am watching a red tail hawk playing in the orchard. He is dipping from tree to tree occasionally chasing another bird.

A humming bird is coming back and to to the feeder here close to me.

The pecan trees have budded out all through the orchard. They are gorgeous!

The dew is dripping off the house in the most relaxing way. Now a wood pecker is drumming in a tree to my right.

I see a squirrel off in the orchard scurrying on the ground. Fun to watch the little fella but my advice to him is "pack up an move before Danny sees ya"!!

The air is crisp and cool, just right for porch sitting.

"Two things I ask of you O LORD, do not refuse me before I die: Keep falsehood and lies far from me; give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread. Otherwise I may have too much and disown you and say Who is the LORD? Or I may become poor and steal and so dishonor the name of my GOD."

I feel rich this morning but these riches have HIS name all over them! I could not disown HIM for if I did I would disown these riches before me this morning!

Monday, April 13, 2009

I had to work this past weekend so we hunted eggs with Little Package on Thursday and Friday. This was her first time hunting eggs & she had a ball!

After hunting eggs Poppa put some candy in the eggs and showed Little Package how to get her prize.

I was tickled to find out that Little Package went to church with family members yesterday. This is the dress she wore. Since I couldn't see her Easter Sunday, I dressed her up and took a few pictures before she went back home.

I dont know how I did it, but I was able to catch the Easter Bunny on a practice run.

Easter is my favorite celebration. After all it is a celebration of what Jesus Christ did for us.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Holy Week

A Smile......

My Faithful friend in the hospital this week....

What the Farmer's Almanac calls a "Pink Moon"....

And a beautiful visitor!

Just another busy week. Thankful for Spring weather, rain, and my Risen Savior!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

We have already received over 6 inches of rain since Saturday. The way it's pouring right now....I'm betting another 4 inches at least. Too much at one time.

This is what it look like out my front door.

And this is what it looks like out my back door. The pond is full.

This is how it looks on the dirt road I live on. It is horrible when it rains.

The water backs up into the field. It is bad on the pecan trees. For years now, we have been trying to get the county to spend some of our tax dollars on cutting a ditch on the opposite side of the no avail!

So what about yall? Are ya wet yet?