Friday, December 18, 2009


So where have I been? How about between Alltel and Verizon's battle of the towers! I have not had internet service because of their wonderful merger! The service I have now is far & few between working.....the price you pay for living in the country huh!

While I have NOT been blogging, I have been doing plenty of other things. Pecan season produced over 30 thousand pounds of pecans for us this year. The quantity was great but the quality was not as good. The weather this year has been hard on all of our local farmers.

My new position in ICU has been great! I am learning plenty & enjoying it at the same time. I have been working night shift a good bit and though I am not a night person, I am adjusting.

Despite the slow economy, all of my family members are working but one of my sons. I think things will pick up for him soon.

Little Package is growing and has an unbelievable vocabulary. She has learned the ABC song & numerous others. She can count to 15 most of the time. We love her more and more everyday and realize how much of a blessing she is.

Little Package quotes......
"Poppa, what-cha-doing? Can we go clean da pecans Poppa?"
"Meme, I want a couple bags of tater chips pees."
"I wake up, I give you good morning sugar!"
And last but not least,
"Poppa we go make a sess-mint!"
When Danny goes out to look at the trees he always says he is going to make "an assessment".
So now the Little Package picks up on everything!

So if "The Two Towers" that be, will let me get online, maybe I can blog again!!

Poppa & Little Package talking in front of a warm fire.

Little Package, her Daddy, and Uncle Nick working on a Ginger Bread house.

Little Package totally amazed with the "Kiss-mas twee"