Sunday, January 28, 2007


Well here is my new clothes line that my sweet Father-in-law put up for me. The top picture shows me trying to hang clothes out for the first time. It was designed so that you could stand in one place & hang your clothes. The ropes were set up on a pulley system but when I pulled the rope so that I could hang another item out...the rope sagged. The more I hung out the worse it sagged. We tried to tighten the lines but the rope was just too stretchy. So Danny had to re-string it with a different kind of rope. The bottom picture shows the clothes line set up without using the pulleys. Danny thinks that after I use this rope a while he will be able to re-string it so I can us the pulleys again. SO this is my LAZY WOMAN'S CLOTHES LINE!! Note the box on the post...its made so I can store my clothes pins in it. I love it! The iron posts are cemented into the will be there FOREVER!!!!! I have a wonderful Father-n-law......I really don't know what I would do without him!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Doing a soil sample every year tells us what we need to add to the soil to enhance growth & to promote good health to the pecan trees. 20 tons of lime is what this fella is putting out! There will be nitrogen and fertilizer coming later in the year.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Well I now have High-speed Internet via satellite!! Whew! Whew!! No more dial-up...waiting 4-ever! The only thing...I gotta work the next two days so I cant play!!! But....I'LL BE BACK!!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Well for the first time in- I- dont- know- when I have been able to get on-line for a length of time without getting kicked off!! This coming Wednesday I am getting satalite internet & I cant wait to boot this stinking dial-up!!!! I wish I could boot my phone company too...they are the real reason I have such poor connections to the internet. Our phone lines are pittiful out here in the country. Any-who...There has been lots going on around here but I'm afraid if I try & tell you I'll get kicked off the internet. LATE, but here is a picture of my Christmas tree. The spinner baits was my favorite. My husband told everyone that he couldn't go fishing until after the first of the year! A BIG FAT LIE!!! That wasn't 10% of his fishing stockpile! He has enough fishing tackle to supply the Army, Navy & Marines for a month & they would never have to use the same lure twice!! Bass Pro is in buisness because of my husband!!
This was taken one night before Christmas. Danny had a good fire going & had settled down to watch some TV. My Christmas tree was decorated with fishing lures, spinner baits, worms, bangle lures and every other manor of bass fishing tackle. It really was pretty. I just didn't have anything to go on top of the tree. Danny said we needed a big bass to go on the top.! LOL Yeah...I reckon I'm a little bit redneck.