Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ahhhhh, Just a little "ALONE TIME" goes a long way!!

I got up yesterday & decided to do a little shopping & spend some time at the beach.....right by myself! I am not a beach person (Sorry Jen) but I like to go once or twice a year. I went to Brunswick, Georgia & hit my favorite stores. After getting a bite to eat I headed to the beach. I like to go to the beach on Jekyll Island because there are always less people. There was less than a dozen groups of people scattered about yesterday......just what I like. St.Simmons is always packed & it is more of a social scene anyway.

So I came back with a new purse from TJ Max (yes Mama I got one, lol), a new wallet & address book (I haven't replaced these items in years) a pair of shorts & a top from Target, a few eatable goodies (2 boxes of the Little School Boy chocolate biscuits & a bag of mini bagels), and last but not least.....a little sun on some areas that dont usually get any (get out of the gutter....I usually have a farmer's tan thank you very much!).

It's nice to live so close to so much (45 miles).
So what do you do when you need some "Alone Time"?

Monday, May 26, 2008

I've been without Internet for 3 months! My satellite with Hughes Net quit working & I couldn't get anyone to service it. I have service through my cell phone now....I dont have a clue how it works but it does. WHEW HOO!!

Much has happened since I posted last. Too much to get into so I will just say....GOD is good!
The Little Package is growing! She is 7 1/2 months old. Crawling like crazy & is the apple of mine & Danny's eye.

The 1st pic was Easter Morning & the other one was taken last week.

I'll get caught up with every ones blogs over time I hope!