Tuesday, February 27, 2007

WHERE IS MY MAMA'S BLOG......WHERE ARE YOU MAMA....I TRIED TO CALL YOU! Something is wrong with blogger. It aint acting right at all! Not posting right & my Mama's blog is missing! This is the 4th post I've tried this moring!!! What in the WORLD IS GOING ON!!!!! I NEED TO BLOG!!!!! I"M GETTING THE SHAKES!!! MAYBE I SHOULD GO TO THE BETTY FORD CLINIC!!!

I tried to make a post & it wouldn't go! Mama's blog is missing to! What the heck is going on with blogger!! Are we going to get viruses in our computers!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

I hope everyone will be in Church today! I love Church! Last weekend our prayer coordinator handed out a 40 day intercessory prayer guide for church memebers to begin praying for our new pastor. We started this last Wednesday. Our pastor has been here about a month but his family was unable to move here with him until last week. Today is the family's first day at First Baptist Screven. It is a very exciting time for our church. Here is today's prayer for our pastor.

" Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth" 2 Tim. 2:15

. Pray for your pastor to spend much time in the Word, gaining wisdom and approval from God.

. Pray for his discernment to grow as he diligently applies himself to accurately handle the Word.

. Pray for him to be a teacher that church members will follow in also studying the Word of God.

It is unreal to me how well wrote this little prayer guide is. It is put out by the North American Mission Board. I encourage you to pray for your pastor daily too. It doesn't matter if your pastor is new or old, if you like him or you don't, or even if your church doesn't have one at this time. You cant go wrong praying for your pastor.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Just got back from another fishing trip at Lake Lochloosa in Florida. The wind was blowing pretty bad so our "keepers" were few. We had fun all the same. I did get some better pictures of the Bald Eagles this trip. I even got a couple descent shots of a nest and the brew. I'll show them later. I still have some good pictures from the last trip that I haven't posted yet. BUT I cant seem to get a picture of the white perch before they are cleaned. Danny had already put them in the fish scaler so you cant get an idea of how pretty the color really is on those fish.

So.....how's yalls weekend going?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ok so here's another one of my fishin stories. I love older folks and I hang out with them a good bit. Well I have a mess of fellas I go to church with that are all retired. I love them dearly. It was these fellas that got Danny & I to go fishin at Lake Lochloosa for the first time last year. Danny doesn't go to church with me so he had to learn these fellas through me. He loves them and they love Danny. Anyway....I call them "The Old Geezer Club". Now I know this doesnt sound very respectful but you would just have to know me & this bunch of fellas. They are good Christian men & I'm thankful to have to put up with them....wait I mean to know them! LOL! On with the story.....I was told by one of the members of the OGC that a couple fellas bought some walkie talkies and wanted to use them while out on the lake. Danny & I had fished hard all day & just didn't catch many so we thought we would find a member of the OGC to see what he had been catching. Now mind you, every member carries his own boat. Danny & I went across the lake & found these two OGC members sitting side by side in their own boats talking to each other on their walkie talkies!! I caught them with my camera! After picking on them..I found out they had not JUST ONE set of radios but THREE different sets of radios & THEY BOTH HAD PHONES!! Yeah I just about wet my pants! CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW??!!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Last week was top notch for me! We spent 2 days fishing down at Lake Lochloosa. We would have spent 3 days fishing but a front came in and gave the fish lock-jaw! We trolled, which means we put cane poles out the boat & slowly moved thru the water. We did pretty good like that but got greedy & moved into shallower water to fish in the grass with reels. Well I've found out that my son can not go fishing with us any more. He thinks he is captain of the back of the boat. My husband is captain of the front.....guess what that gives me.....a little bit in the middle!! Try casting your reel without crossing someone else's line when standing in the middle of the boat!! Yeah right! Another interesting thing I learned.......dont miss a bite cause if you do your husband will quickly cast his line in the exact same spot & catch YOUR FISH!! HOWEVER.......Two can play that game...I caught some of his missed fish too! It really was fun. Did I tell you I left my glasses in the bottom of the lake somewhere!! I have another good story to tell about this trip. I'll save it for later on this week. I also will tell you about my bird hunting trip Saturday. I'm telling you I had a mighty fine week!!!

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Friday, February 16, 2007


What the heck is goin on in the world when you cant even eat peanut butter without getting sick!! I very seldom watch the news but when I turned to it yesterday this was the story they were running. Peter Pan & Great Value with the lot number 2111 is being pulled due to reported cases of salmonella contamination and people becoming sick from it. This batch was made in Sylvester, Georgia. Well guess what I have in my pantry.......all 3 jars with lot number 2111! I have opened two of the jars & ate from them. Salmonella is pretty bad stuff yall! Now we haven't gotten sick but that doesnt mean I should keep eating from it. The news report said to throw it away. They gave an address where you could send the tops of the jars & get your money back. SALMONELLA IN THE COTTON-PICKIN PEANUT BUTTER.......IS THE WORLD COMING TO AN END?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Been fishin down at Lake Lochloosa in Florida the past couple days. We had a ball! Cought about 80-90 white perch. Here's what the lake looked like one of the afternoons we were coming in. Gotta go to work now.....I'll show you more later.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Danny & I went outside at daybreak. This is what we got to see. I love the mornings espcially at daybreak. Everything gets real still and then slowly the world starts to wake up. That is another reason why I like to go hunting. You get in your stand at dark and then get to hear the world wake up around you. Why in the world would ANYBODY want to sleep late and miss the best part of the day!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

When I went to Clara's Corner this morning she had posted 100 things about herself for her 100th post. I really enjoyed it! My friend Jen at A Good Cup of Coffee always posts 13 things about her... on Thursdays. That is my favorite day at her blog. Well I went to look at how many posts I've made & lo-& behold...this is my 100th post! So I reckon I will see if I can come up with 100 things about me that maybe yall dont know.

1. I was born in Orlando on 1/3/71, reared in a small town in South Alabama.
2. I ran track in school, was a cheerleader, and played a trumpet in the band.
3. I met my husband while working in construction as a pipe fitter's helper.
4. I learned to weld some and liked it. I have scars to prove it.
5. I hate the ocean but LOVE the river!
6. I love my husbands cookin...fried shrimp, fried chicken or quail, his steaks & homemade bread are the bomb!
7. I love to hunt and fish!
8. I love to read.
9. I love westerns! In my imaginary life...I would be a gun slinger....hehe!
10. My husband & I have a bad habit of watching movies we like over & over until we know all of the dialog...then we take turns repeating it while watching the movie.
11. The funniest person I have ever met is my husband. Two of my sons are becoming as funny as him....scary!
12. Most people say I have the most southern accent they have ever heard. Two of the doctors I work with think I am unable to speak plain English!!
13. Sometimes I like to write the way I talk...that means spellin it the way I say it!
14. I cant spell worth 2 cents. I have to use a dictionary at work all the time. I aint usin one at home.....hehe!
15. I chose to not give birth but I have raised my husbands 3 boys. They were 2, 4, & 5 when I got them. I wouldn't take a million-trillion dollars for either of them but I wouldn't give you a nickel for one just like-em either. LOL!
16. My youngest son made me cry yesterday...he is depressed about a girl.
17. It is my honest opinion & I believe based on fact that my Mama makes the best peanut butter sandwich in the whole-wide-world!
18. "It aint about dying Woodrow, it's about livin!" One of my fav. lines from Lonesome Dove.
19. I love to watch my husband work. It's the way he looks when he's studyin somethin.
20. I love to watch my husband & my boys while they are sleeping.
20. My shoulder blades are crook-ed.
21. I have scars on my legs from burns made by some really hot coffee!
22. I love to cook & EAT!!!
23. Dr. David Jeremiah is my favorite preacher/teacher.
24. I am a Southern Baptist.
25. For my friend Patsy who's in the hospital.....I voted for George Bush.
26. I would vote for George Bush if I had it to do all over again.
27. My husband & I disagree BIG-TIME when it comes to politics.
28. I am not a republican...I am not a Democrat...I try to be a Christian but fail terribly!
29. I do not believe in abortion for any reason at all!
30. I believe life starts at conception.....why.....because God said so. Jeremiah 1:5
31. I believe in paying tithes...on your gross income.
32. I have mixed feelings about the Sabbath. Sometimes it really bothers me that we do not keep it.
33. I do not drink or smoke.
34. I struggled with holding grudges. I wish I could be more forgiving like my husband.
35. I have a terrible handwriting.
36. People say I'm crazy....cuz I love to have fun & will have fun no matter where or what I'm doing.
37. My co-workers & some of the doc'sI work with have picked up a word of mine...SHOT. Shot is the word I use for B.M. It makes light of something people dont usually like to deal with.
38. I dont mind cleaning up shot...it happens you know. If I am ever in that position...I hope my nurse want mind cleaning shot off of me. It is life.
39. As a nurse...there aint much that makes my stomach turn.
40. I wonder what it would be like to be a Vet instead of a nurse. A veterinarian that is.
41. I despise counrty music!
42. I despise rap....that aint music!
43. I hate for a fella to ruin his appearance by not wearing pants that fit is tail!
44. It bothers me when men wear jewelry. It aint manly to me.
45. Some of the doc's & fellas I go to church with play golf....I tell them it aint in the "Manly Manuel".
46. Some of the girls I work with and go to church with wear shirts that show their belly. I tell them to put some clothes on.
47. I am one of the few girls at work that hasn't had some cosmetic surgery. What you see is what you get!
48. I procrastinate EVERYTHING!!
49. I am a slow learner.
50. I am terrible with math!
51. I love animals & I work well with them.
52. I have laid hands & prayed over a sickly animal before.
53. My dogs name is Gandalf...after the wizard in the book Lord of the Rings.
54. "Miss Scarlet, Miss Scarlet...I dont know nuthin bout birthin Babies Miss Scarlet!!"
55. I dont like working in O.B. or with pediatric patients.
56. I love the elderly!
57. I love the outdoors. I see God in everything outside!
58. I am very thankful to God for all HE has blessed me with!
59. God has been very very good to me in so many ways that there is not enough cyber space to tell it all!
60. I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God & that by His name only can I receive eternal life!
61. I'm hard-headed!
62. I cant wait for turkey season to come in!
63. I'm going fishin in Florida next week for white perch!
64. I like to drive the tractors.
65. I love taking pictures of things out-doors.
66. I believe my husband is the pretty-est man alive....more handsome than Sean Connery & he is pretty darn handsome.
67. My boys are handsome.
68. I like old stuff.
69. I hate shopping!
70. I am plane-jane...I'm not hip...my co-workers tell me I am old fashioned.
71. I have a bad temper & I hate it. I STRUGGLE WITH IT DAILY!!!
72. I hate it when the mail doesnt run...and when I dont get something personal.
73. I believe I have adult attention deficit...seriously!
74. I have been a nurse for 15 years. Where has the time gone?
75. I worry about my boys everyday. I know worry is a sin!
76. My Daddy lives in Maine.
77. I have one brother...J.R. He lives in South Alabama where I grew up.
78. I threw my Mama from the car one time...long story...we laugh about it now.
79. After moving to South Ga...I seen a fox squirrel for the first time...I thought it was a monkey!
80. When I first got married I couldn't fry an egg without busting the yolk. It would make me so mad so I would throw it in the yard!
81. I cant stand for someone to yack at me!
82. I love Daisys & cat-tails!
83. I love to hear a rooster crow & doves "whoo-whoo".
84. I love the smell of my husband.....he never stinks.
85. I am 5'7" & I now weigh 146 pounds!! YES!
86. I weighed 121 pounds when I got married. I hope I never weigh that gain.
87. I weighed 172 pounds January 1, 2006! I hope I never weigh that again either!
88. I give most everyone I know my own nick-name.
89. People always know my voice on the phone. I reckon it's the accent!
90. I was the first girl to take small engines in school.
91. I like rock-n-roll & christian contemporary music.
92. I got to see Pink Floyd in concert. They are my favorite band. I wish I could witness to them.
93. I wonder...why do we blog....it's kinda weird aint it?
94. Why would anyone make a movie about 2 gay cowboys. Why would anyone watch it?
95. No I do not support same-sex marriage. It is wrong.
96. I do not believe welfare is good for our nation. It has contributed to the downfall of this country.
97. I do not like tattoos.
98. There are very few positions/places I think women should be in when it comes to the armed forces.
99. I've probably stepped on some toes.
100. If my husband reads this he will surely say I have lost my ever-lovin-mind!
The Red-bellied Woodpecker.......

Now my husband does not like a woodpecker!! I myself, like them. I like to look at the different ones we have here. I like to listen to them as their repeated pecking echos in the woods behind my house. Danny doesn't like them because they peck the fire out of his pecan trees....and well it is true, they do. Oh well!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Flora this one is for you. The birds have been very active today. A few minutes ago I counted 16 cardinals at the feeders. There is a really pretty yellow finch hanging out but he will not let me get his picture yet. This cardinal was landing on top of my out-door chimney/fireplace-thing waiting for his turn to raid the feeder.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Mama here's one of the moon just coming up here. It's behind the pecan trees right now. Maybe I can get a better one later on.

HOW MANY DO YOU SEE? I love watching birds out my window. I like how the cardinals bring life to winter with their bright red. I love the females too but sometimes they are hard to see. The yellow finches have just started to come to the feeders. They also bring life to winter with their happy yellow. Maybe I can get some pictures of them next.