Thursday, February 08, 2007

When I went to Clara's Corner this morning she had posted 100 things about herself for her 100th post. I really enjoyed it! My friend Jen at A Good Cup of Coffee always posts 13 things about her... on Thursdays. That is my favorite day at her blog. Well I went to look at how many posts I've made & lo-& behold...this is my 100th post! So I reckon I will see if I can come up with 100 things about me that maybe yall dont know.

1. I was born in Orlando on 1/3/71, reared in a small town in South Alabama.
2. I ran track in school, was a cheerleader, and played a trumpet in the band.
3. I met my husband while working in construction as a pipe fitter's helper.
4. I learned to weld some and liked it. I have scars to prove it.
5. I hate the ocean but LOVE the river!
6. I love my husbands cookin...fried shrimp, fried chicken or quail, his steaks & homemade bread are the bomb!
7. I love to hunt and fish!
8. I love to read.
9. I love westerns! In my imaginary life...I would be a gun slinger....hehe!
10. My husband & I have a bad habit of watching movies we like over & over until we know all of the dialog...then we take turns repeating it while watching the movie.
11. The funniest person I have ever met is my husband. Two of my sons are becoming as funny as him....scary!
12. Most people say I have the most southern accent they have ever heard. Two of the doctors I work with think I am unable to speak plain English!!
13. Sometimes I like to write the way I talk...that means spellin it the way I say it!
14. I cant spell worth 2 cents. I have to use a dictionary at work all the time. I aint usin one at home.....hehe!
15. I chose to not give birth but I have raised my husbands 3 boys. They were 2, 4, & 5 when I got them. I wouldn't take a million-trillion dollars for either of them but I wouldn't give you a nickel for one just like-em either. LOL!
16. My youngest son made me cry yesterday...he is depressed about a girl.
17. It is my honest opinion & I believe based on fact that my Mama makes the best peanut butter sandwich in the whole-wide-world!
18. "It aint about dying Woodrow, it's about livin!" One of my fav. lines from Lonesome Dove.
19. I love to watch my husband work. It's the way he looks when he's studyin somethin.
20. I love to watch my husband & my boys while they are sleeping.
20. My shoulder blades are crook-ed.
21. I have scars on my legs from burns made by some really hot coffee!
22. I love to cook & EAT!!!
23. Dr. David Jeremiah is my favorite preacher/teacher.
24. I am a Southern Baptist.
25. For my friend Patsy who's in the hospital.....I voted for George Bush.
26. I would vote for George Bush if I had it to do all over again.
27. My husband & I disagree BIG-TIME when it comes to politics.
28. I am not a republican...I am not a Democrat...I try to be a Christian but fail terribly!
29. I do not believe in abortion for any reason at all!
30. I believe life starts at conception.....why.....because God said so. Jeremiah 1:5
31. I believe in paying tithes...on your gross income.
32. I have mixed feelings about the Sabbath. Sometimes it really bothers me that we do not keep it.
33. I do not drink or smoke.
34. I struggled with holding grudges. I wish I could be more forgiving like my husband.
35. I have a terrible handwriting.
36. People say I'm crazy....cuz I love to have fun & will have fun no matter where or what I'm doing.
37. My co-workers & some of the doc'sI work with have picked up a word of mine...SHOT. Shot is the word I use for B.M. It makes light of something people dont usually like to deal with.
38. I dont mind cleaning up happens you know. If I am ever in that position...I hope my nurse want mind cleaning shot off of me. It is life.
39. As a nurse...there aint much that makes my stomach turn.
40. I wonder what it would be like to be a Vet instead of a nurse. A veterinarian that is.
41. I despise counrty music!
42. I despise rap....that aint music!
43. I hate for a fella to ruin his appearance by not wearing pants that fit is tail!
44. It bothers me when men wear jewelry. It aint manly to me.
45. Some of the doc's & fellas I go to church with play golf....I tell them it aint in the "Manly Manuel".
46. Some of the girls I work with and go to church with wear shirts that show their belly. I tell them to put some clothes on.
47. I am one of the few girls at work that hasn't had some cosmetic surgery. What you see is what you get!
48. I procrastinate EVERYTHING!!
49. I am a slow learner.
50. I am terrible with math!
51. I love animals & I work well with them.
52. I have laid hands & prayed over a sickly animal before.
53. My dogs name is Gandalf...after the wizard in the book Lord of the Rings.
54. "Miss Scarlet, Miss Scarlet...I dont know nuthin bout birthin Babies Miss Scarlet!!"
55. I dont like working in O.B. or with pediatric patients.
56. I love the elderly!
57. I love the outdoors. I see God in everything outside!
58. I am very thankful to God for all HE has blessed me with!
59. God has been very very good to me in so many ways that there is not enough cyber space to tell it all!
60. I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God & that by His name only can I receive eternal life!
61. I'm hard-headed!
62. I cant wait for turkey season to come in!
63. I'm going fishin in Florida next week for white perch!
64. I like to drive the tractors.
65. I love taking pictures of things out-doors.
66. I believe my husband is the pretty-est man alive....more handsome than Sean Connery & he is pretty darn handsome.
67. My boys are handsome.
68. I like old stuff.
69. I hate shopping!
70. I am plane-jane...I'm not co-workers tell me I am old fashioned.
71. I have a bad temper & I hate it. I STRUGGLE WITH IT DAILY!!!
72. I hate it when the mail doesnt run...and when I dont get something personal.
73. I believe I have adult attention deficit...seriously!
74. I have been a nurse for 15 years. Where has the time gone?
75. I worry about my boys everyday. I know worry is a sin!
76. My Daddy lives in Maine.
77. I have one brother...J.R. He lives in South Alabama where I grew up.
78. I threw my Mama from the car one time...long story...we laugh about it now.
79. After moving to South Ga...I seen a fox squirrel for the first time...I thought it was a monkey!
80. When I first got married I couldn't fry an egg without busting the yolk. It would make me so mad so I would throw it in the yard!
81. I cant stand for someone to yack at me!
82. I love Daisys & cat-tails!
83. I love to hear a rooster crow & doves "whoo-whoo".
84. I love the smell of my husband.....he never stinks.
85. I am 5'7" & I now weigh 146 pounds!! YES!
86. I weighed 121 pounds when I got married. I hope I never weigh that gain.
87. I weighed 172 pounds January 1, 2006! I hope I never weigh that again either!
88. I give most everyone I know my own nick-name.
89. People always know my voice on the phone. I reckon it's the accent!
90. I was the first girl to take small engines in school.
91. I like rock-n-roll & christian contemporary music.
92. I got to see Pink Floyd in concert. They are my favorite band. I wish I could witness to them.
93. I wonder...why do we's kinda weird aint it?
94. Why would anyone make a movie about 2 gay cowboys. Why would anyone watch it?
95. No I do not support same-sex marriage. It is wrong.
96. I do not believe welfare is good for our nation. It has contributed to the downfall of this country.
97. I do not like tattoos.
98. There are very few positions/places I think women should be in when it comes to the armed forces.
99. I've probably stepped on some toes.
100. If my husband reads this he will surely say I have lost my ever-lovin-mind!


Jen said...

Well, I dont think you have lost yore ever lovin mind...I really enjoyed this...really. Loved it....we have alot in common....I enjoy checking everyday if you post...I think you are a true women who loves life and takes it very serious...I'm blessed to get to to talk to you weekly....have a great day...and congrats on your 100th post.

dot said...

Interesting! There might have been a thing or two I didn't know and I might could add a few things too. lol. ( Like you sleep with your eyes open)

Kelli said...

Tina, that was the best list ever!!! I'll have to try one of your mama's peanut butter sandwiches someday!

Revee said...

Tina, I was laughing so hard at some of your answers. Kelli, I agree that we need to try the peanut butter sandwiches someday. :)

Betty said...

Congratulations on your 100th post.
I enjoyed reading your 100 things about yourself. I don't know if I could think of 100 things about myself.
I really enjoy corresponding with your Mama.

Marci said...

Tina, I am laughing!!! I would LOVE to hear more about #78. Also, I would love to talk to you on the phone and hear your accent. I love a good Southern drawl.

You are a very interesting person.

Did you actually go back and count all your posts, or is that listed somewhere? TN said...

Oh Tina, I just read your 100 things. I'm so glad you did that. I printed it out and put it in my notebook. Wasn't that fun? I've heard people say. "OH . I can't think of 100 things", but after you start writing, they come to you. I could think of 100 more about myself. LOL I want to know about number 78 too.
And if you think YOU have a southern accent, you should talk to ME....LOL Just ask Marci, if you don't beleive me. I have talked to her on the phone. That's the first thing she said. " I love your accent".
I'm going back and read your 100 things again.

Anonymous said...

Tina, you are a lucky are with the man you love. I love my husband, but I do not enjoy him as you do yours. I hope this continues all your life. Many little pains killed some of my love. I still have love for my husband but it is not the flame that I see in your comments. I do envy you. I was once where you are.
Guess who