Monday, March 03, 2008


The Pruning is finished but the clean up continues. As you can see each tree has been cut a good bit. There was already a lot of limb breakage from the crop so that has to be cleared also. The 2 & 3 year old trees were pruned & the full grown pecan trees were given hair cuts too. Many of the trees have little piles of fire wood at the base that has to picked up & stacked. When all the limbs are gathered, we will burn the pile. Dont worry, the branch pile is up against a pond like area to prevent any wild fires. Danny is in a panic to get it all done. Its time to put out fertilizer & we cant do that until the clean up is finished. Anybody want to come & help? I promise to feed you good Southern cooking!

And by the way....last year was so touch & go with the trees. We battled a bitter freeze that burnt all the trees killing 12. We had an extreme water shortage. Fuel fertilizer & chemicals more than doubled in price this year. But God was still so good to us. We had the biggest crop ever....35 thousand pounds of pecans!! Many of you prayed for us & I want to thank you for that. Prayer does work!!!!