Friday, February 16, 2007


What the heck is goin on in the world when you cant even eat peanut butter without getting sick!! I very seldom watch the news but when I turned to it yesterday this was the story they were running. Peter Pan & Great Value with the lot number 2111 is being pulled due to reported cases of salmonella contamination and people becoming sick from it. This batch was made in Sylvester, Georgia. Well guess what I have in my pantry.......all 3 jars with lot number 2111! I have opened two of the jars & ate from them. Salmonella is pretty bad stuff yall! Now we haven't gotten sick but that doesnt mean I should keep eating from it. The news report said to throw it away. They gave an address where you could send the tops of the jars & get your money back. SALMONELLA IN THE COTTON-PICKIN PEANUT BUTTER.......IS THE WORLD COMING TO AN END?


Betty said...

I do need a spanking for not buying the china and I certainly would if I could do it over!

As for the peanut butter. My daughter, Amy has had we thought a bad virus this week but they also have the peanut butter with those numbers. However, her 3 year old has been eating it before they heard and he isn't sick. Maybe he has a cast iron stomach!
Sylvester isn't far from us.

Kelli said...

Tina, it sounds like you are picking on Mrs. Betty!! ;0)

That is so scary about the peanut butter! I can't believe you had both kinds of the infected stuff! I would throw them out right away.
I also think you need a spanking for not buying the best kind of peanut butter, which is Skippy..hehehe.

Love ya!

Jen said...

Wow......throw that stuff away,.....NOW....get rid of it....I'm glad your not sick gal.

The 4th Sister said...

My Daughters and I had 4 jars total with the 2111 on it..

dot said...

I was in Wal Mart today and the shelf was almost empty except for JIF. That's the kind I buy! I hope you aren't picking on my new friend Betty. Now I've got to go figure out what Kelli is talking about!

Wildflower Cabin said...

Oh Tina! I'm so glad you didn't get sick from the peanut butter! Toss it out, girl, toss it out!

Marci said...

I buy the kind that is only peanuts and salt. I am so glad that you did not get sick.

Anonymous said...

hey, Tina, I am taking some of mine to school and I am going to feed some of the children who are a pain in my a?? ah I mean neck!
Sis 3