Friday, November 30, 2007


Well I haven't ever participated in Mama's Sky Watch and I've never used Mr. Linky so this is a pure TRIAL & ERROR THING FOR ME!!!! In September my parents-n-law rented a condo on Tybee Island. It's near Savannah, Georgia and the fishing is really great there......they say. I HATE SALT WATER FISHING and will get out of it if at all possible. (I love freshwater fishing!) So as soon as the sun started to go down that day, I tried to capture the show. It was sooooo beautiful! How can anyone question GOD'S existence after seeing something like this!!


Andrea said...

I agree. How can anyone question God's existence. Beautiful Sky Watch pictures Tina. The boat adds to the picture too. Great shots. I would have loved to have seen that "show"

dot said...

Tina, your pictures are beautiful! And the Sky Watch icon is ok that big. I think it looks quit worrying. lol

RuneE said...

A really nice sunset if I have ever seen one. Breathes peace and quiet.

Well done!

Misty Dawn said...

You are right - this is very beautiful! You did a great job at capturing it. I absolutely love the photo with the boat in it!

Ida said...

I`m glad that your mother started this Sky Watch.
And i`m really glad that you joined it.
Yor photos are just wonderful!:)
Beautiful sunset! :)))

Sharon said...

Beautiful sunset, and I so agree. It amazes me everyday!

Salty said...

I love this sunset! It is so pretty looking across the water and the boat adds considerable to the shot.

If you like wildlife and rural photographs stop by Country Captures to see a leaf falling today.

Jen said...

Living in Florida there were many nights I will just sit on the balcony of our condo with a glass of wine and myself watching the sunset....Scott will come out sometimes and join me but there is just something about sunsets and the ocean...its like its just you and world...and your both at peace at the moment. I love your photos and we have actually thought of visiting Tybee Island before.

Paulie said...

Beautiful entries! I love sunsets over the ocean. . . mine are mostly just over the columbia River. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Willard said...

Great sunset shots. I enjoyed them very much!

Kelli said...

You are right, Tina! Just amazing! I wish I could have been there with you. :0)
P.s. I love my coffee too, first thing in the morning or I'm real grouchy..hehee.

Sister--Three said...

I like the last one.

Salty said...

Thank you for dropping by Country Captures and leaving your thoughtful comments. Allow me to clarify my position on the “consumptive sports”. I both support and participate in hunting and fishing. I do not have a problem with most hunting as long as it is done by legal means.

The Pa. Elk is a unique situation where a small herd which is a considerable tourist attraction is having nearly all of the large bulls shot legally. This is the only place in our state where one can see free ranging elk. The Pa. Game Commission while giving lip service to preserving the tourist attraction, are instead killing the mature animals that provide this unique experience.

Willard said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. If you keep coming back I'll will eventually get my position explained in detail.

My brother "Salty" has explained it well in his responses, but there is even more to the picture.

I used to be an avid hunter, but gave it up for various reason, which I will deal with in future posts.

Most of my best friends are hunters and I certainly respect your position. In fact I worked for Pennsylvania's Hunting Agency "The Pennsylvania Game Commission", most of my working life. I intend to explain in detail why I think these animals should not be hunted in some of the areas in which they are. (At some point they would likely have to be hunted to control the population or they would spread into more settled areas and create problems, etc.)

If one is going to hunt, they should do it as humanely as possible and follow a high ethical code. Unfortunately many do not and not all things that are "legal" are "humane" or "ethcial.