Saturday, September 16, 2006

Well it took all day to download these pictures! These are all from this morning. The air was cool & crisp and there was just a hint of fog. The ducks were playing in the pond & then came up to see what Gandalf (my yellow lab) the cats and me were up too. I was on my golf cart & all the critters were following me around. Turk has not been moving around much since he lost his girlfriend. He has been hanging out down at the hen house. I guess they keep him company. The pictures just dont do the morning justice! I wish you could have felt the rooster crowing, some kind of bird singing his head off...Gandalf, the ducks and cats...all checking out the day. I got a glimpse of the owl this morning but this evening she wasn't shy at all. It has been a nice day...a day that the LORD has made...I have been rejoicing in it all day. Wish you could have been here!


Sandra said...

You live in a beautiful place Tina. The pictures are just lovely and I can only imagine the sounds and smells

Wish I was there to experience it all! :o)

Kelli said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures with us Tina! I enjoyed seeing all of your critters and it looks like it was a wonderful morning!