Wednesday, June 11, 2008


We planted a few simple things around the house this year & they are growing nicely. The pecans look scarce & already the war has begun against the Aphids & Casebearers. We put a gallon of lady bugs out last Friday night and we got a nice rain yesterday evening. Hopefully the combination of the two will knock the pesty insects out.


Revie said...

Your flowers look very pretty and happy! I hope the ladybugs and rain helps with the pesks.

The girls say hello and send you hugs!


Julieann said...

OH, those picture are just lovely!!! My husband is from Georgia, and I actually lived there for a year, and loved every moment and thing about it there--and I so desperately miss my home there!! I floated on over here through Kelli's blog, and I am glad I did!


Marci said...

Tina, your house is gorgeous. I love the brick.

Jen said...

We have a veggie garden this year and the pesky critters are after it...I know the feeling. Your home is beautiful Tina.

Barb said...

What a beautiful home in the country you have, Tina! I sure would like to come sit on your front porch with you! I hope the lady bugs do their job. :0)

Lori said...

Very pretty.
Your home looks beautiful!

I wanted to stop by and say hello.
I haven't been over here in a long while.
Actually I haven't been posting nor commenting the last 3 months.

I was working outside the home, but am now glad to be back home.
So glad to be back home with my family.
It just didn't work out. He was so rigid, stict, inflexible. Plus not a very nice person...very mean to me infact. Enough about that.

Hope you can pop by my blog in a few days I hope to have a post up.

Hugs, Lori

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I really didn't expect you would visit my blog and reply to my comment.

I do understand you are in commercial agriculture and may need poisons to keep the weeds down. I am not a big fan of poisoning the environment. There are other ways of controlling weeds. I have a 1l0 year old book on weeds with beautiful hand drawn pictures of weeds that the Canadian government made available to farmers. It goes to great detail on how to control weeds at a time before herbicides.

Canada does have many of the same problems as the US. Currently our gas is $1.40 a litre roughly 4 lites to the US gallon. Our dollar is at par with the US now although three years ago it was worth $0.63. The US dollar is losing value around the world. This is one of the factors putting the cost of fuel up.
Canada is the largest exporter of oil to the US. Unfortunately, we get little benefit for the consumers, unlike Venezuela where gas is about 14 cents a gallon. These are challenging times economically. Canada is affected by developments in the US, as we are your biggest trading partner. Luckily we are on economically sounder footing. For 15 years now the federal government has had surplus budgets and is paying dowm our debt. They have accomplished this while maintaining social programs including universal health care funded through taxes, our most charished social program.

Perhaps, you know more about Canada than I assumed, if so I apolgize for running on so. I have had a longtime interest in the contrast of Canadian and US culture. In many ways we are similar but in substantial ways we are different.

While Americans seek the individualism of"Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" Canadian strive for a more collective, "peace, order and good government."

I enjoyed your blog and will visit from time to time. I love pecan pie. When I was a minsiter of a church in the US, I never missed a ladies' meeting in my church when they were serving it.

patsy said...

don't petunia smell so good.i love them but don't grow them because the hot weather doesn't go well with them.
when they get tall and lanky take siccors and cut off i/3 and they will go great guns again.

Andrea said...

You have a beautiful home. You are truly blessed.

So the lady bugs eat the "bad" bugs? I know we used to hardly ever see lady bugs then one day several years ago they infaded us. Before the lady bugs we had lots of Japanese beetles. We do not see many of them anymore.

I sure do miss your mama. I will be happy to get her back. I am sure she is enjoying her visit in "LA" though.

Jen said...

Madison is leaving for camp on Monday. But pray for us. She is running a low grade fever today. Last night it was 101.6 and I gave motrin and she went to sleep at 9pm..early for her..she said her throat hurt. Today her fever is 99.1 and just a stuffy nose no soar throat. So pray we can get something from the Dr and she heals fast......

dot said...

Your petunias are pretty! I'll send you some pictures of the reunion when I get caught up.

sonia a.m. said...

Your house is gorgeous! Loved your flowers!