Monday, June 02, 2008

A Little Savings with a Little Shopping

Danny & I had to go to Waycross this afternoon & we decided to pick up a few things at the Kroger grocery store. It is a nice big store & they carry a large selection of groceries. There is a nice big bakery & deli, a huge produce selection, and if your into health foods....well they have the biggest selection I've ever seen. They have recently added a fuel station outside the store. If you use their Kroger savings card you get your gas 3 cents cheaper a gallon (same as Wal-Mart) BUT if you make a $100.00 dollar or more purchase of groceries from Kroger you get A 10 CENT per gallon discount when you buy gas the same day!!!!!! HELLO!! I'm all about some savings here! Oh & another thing I liked about Kroger today.....they bagged all my groceries in paper...they didn't ask me...they just did it. I love brown bagging it!

Thought I would pass that little tidbit on.

Back in the winter I bought a box of this Lipton Honey & Lemon Tea. I love it & have been rationing it out until I went back to Kroger (none of the other stores I go to carry it). This tea is soooo good! The maple flavored cookies are great too & I love them with the tea....or milk....or coffee.....or right by them-selves!!

Well just thought I would share that with you all. So what tips do yall have for saving money these days?


dot said...
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dot said...

I messed that one up!
I got all excited reading your post because I was thinking the new grocery store they are building near here is a Krogers but it's not. It's an Ingles. That's a good deal on the gas tho.
I save a little by using a cash back credit card. I figured if I bought a gas card at WalMart and put it on my credit card then I would have double savings. I don't think the gas cards give me all my gas tho. Of course if you run a balance on the card you won't save any so I don't do that.

Kelli said...

That looks like a great snack, Tina! Eating those yummy cookies makes you half Canadian you know. ;0)
I've started going to Kroger recently, but didn't know about that card, thanks for the tip!

Marci said...

Those cookies look good. I love anything maple.

We are just trying to stay home as much as possible to save money.

Andrea said...

Our youngest daughter loves shopping at Kroger for their large selection of health foods. After battling cancer and being healed by God she eats very healthy.

As far as the 10 cent savings on gas with $100.00 worth of groceries, that would not be hard for me to do. We do not have a Kroger close to us that has the gas station connected.

Just today I changed my way of prescription drugs from monthly refills to 90 day mail in refills. Not only will I save on the prescriptions but I will save on gas not having to go pick up the medicine. Good thinking huh?

Kelli said...

Daisy definitely has puppy breath. :0)
~Kelli TN said...

I love our Kroger's too. If you can't find it at cannot be found. I have to go all the way across town to the only time I go there is when I have to go to the Dr. They are really close together.

Jen said...

I have been staying home as much as possible or routing my errands in different area's of the city. That is how I'm saving gas. On groceries though I'm adding an extra leftover or sandwich night in there to save on the cost of a meal. We also are not eating out as much. Maybe once a week and after church once a month. Madison gets irritated but she is not footing the bill. We are also not taking any big vacations until October.

Willard said...

It's good to see you back posting, Tina!

Interesting material with good pictures! It's good to see some photos of the "Little Package" again!

Anonymous said...

I miss Kroger. Before we moved way out in the woods, Kroger was my store of choice. Now the nearest Walmart is 25 miles away(one way).
So, to save money I shop at the little grocery store in our county. They have the freshest meat(on ice) in the glass case. They also have local produce. I save money on gas by going there and I save money on raising as many vegetables as possible. Even though this heat is rough on them right now.
Have a good weekend.

Salty said...

Your little package is Sooo Cute! Wow they sure grow up quick!

As for saving money; learnign to drive fuel efficently.
That means the lead foot is gone. No rapid starts, no 70mph,unless its down the mountain :) etc. I have found that by just being careful I can pick up an extra 2-5 mpg.

Glad to see you're back!

Sister--Three said...

This Sister does about 95 per cent of my grocery shopping at Kroger. I buy a money card and you get 10 per cent more than the card. Say a $300 card will get you 330. I like all their products. I love the Kroger low sugar peanut is very good.