Thursday, April 27, 2006

My favorite time of the day is the morning and I love to spend my mornings in one of two places, the front porch or the back porch. There was a commotion this morning as I sat on the back porch. It has happened before. A Blue Heron decided he wanted to go fishing in the pond. As he flew over ever so gracefully, he was met with the alarm of my faithful barking watch dog and gobbling watch Turkey! Yes I said watch turkey! The barking and gobbling caused the poor bird to circle overhead several times before landing safely in the top of a tall pine. I have tried to get a picture of this stork looking fella but apparently he is camera shy. As you can see, my dog Gandalf has decided to keep watch for this unknown interloper. The Blue Heron is not my enemy by far but it reminds me of the one who is, Satan. The Apostle Paul reminded the church members of Ephesus to be ready and the way to be ready is to dress in the full Armor of God. Like our soldiers in Iraq and all around the world they are dressed in full military attire and are always in an ACT of watchfulness. They are prepared for the enemy. What has old Satan got in store for me today? Belt of Truth, Breastplate of righteousness, standing ready with the Peace of Jesus in me, the Shield of Faith, my Helmet of Salvation, the Word of God as my Sword, and a constant state of prayer.....Bring it on! Gandalf is ready for that bird's landing. Are you ready for Satan today? What a blessing to have dogs, turkeys and big blue herons to remind me to stay close to my LORD!

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