Saturday, May 13, 2006

Humming Bird's are magical to me. In the evenings I like to sit on my porch & watch them feed. So tiny...I want to hold one.

Just one of God's many creatures and for some reason He chooses to bless me by sending these little things to visit me daily. Wow!


Sylvia allein in Westfalen said...

I like your beautiful animal pictures. I have never seen a hummingbird or a lizard - they dont't live here.
Greetings from germany

Tina Leigh said...

Hi Sylvia...Wow, Germany, I would love to go there! Sorry you dont have humming birds, they really are a treat. Your blog is in German...I cant read it. Help!

Revee said...

Great photos, Tina!

Sylvia allein in Westfalen said...

Hi Tina,
sorry for the german :) but I can explain a little bit:
I had to move from munich (in the south of germany) to muenster (in the north of germany) in december because I started a new job.
First I used my blog as a diary, describing how my new life works in a town where I knew nobody. In the meantime I also blog about things that catch my eyes like newspaper articles. My last posts for example describe some items or products related to the soccer world cup in germany this year (it causes a big hype).

Flora said...

Hi Tina,
I love the hummingbird photos! I enjoy watching my little creatures at the feeder too...they are so full of energy! I've taken photos too, but none as good as yours! Wonderful!
Hugs, Flora

Marci said...

Tina, my friend sat on her back porch very still for a very long time while holding her hummingbird feeder. They hummers would zoom in and check her out... closer and closer. Then finally a brave soul drank from the feeder. Then another one braved it. He even checked out the inside of her ear. =)