Sunday, October 14, 2012

This & That

So I have been trying to keep up with Sandra's "31 Days of Autumn" from my iphone. I am running out of pictures because hot South Georgia wont get on the same page as everyone else!!

A change in the leaves and a real "sense" of Fall just doesnt happen here and what changes we do have occur in late November & early December, (you know, while everyone else is getting into the feel of a Winter Wonderland!).

BUT...we have had more enjoyable weather here in the South. I have been able to sit outside on the porches & out by the pond without breaking a sweat or swatting gnats and the tormenting mosquitos!!!

I think I have been able to have coffee and read my Bible & a good book every day this week by the pond!! I love it! I love being outside without heat & bugs!

Yesterday we started a little pecan harvesting. Not a hard days work, just getting some of the early varities up before the crows eat them. I cant say the crop looks too good. The early varieties did not produce as much as they did last year. That disappointing.

Another disappointment was the the brand new KUBOTA tractor we bought last died yesterday afternoon!! Knocking & smoking!! You know, just SEVERAL thousands of dollars to spend on something that should last you YEARS!!

We are hoping it will NOT be as serious as we think it is and that KUBOTA will make it right & make it fast so we dont get behind in our harvest (and lose more money).

So that is the This & That of it all here on this farm.

Have a good week!

So what's wrong with blogger now....I can't get a picture uploaded for nothing!!! Sorry!

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SweetPepperRose said...

Hey! sorry about the tractor. We have a Massey Ferguson with little troubles. We don't have a pecan orchard but it has worked like a mule pulling for up oak trees and clearing land for the last 15 years.