Tuesday, October 02, 2012

31 Days of Autumn Day 2

In South Georgia, you just don't get much Fall and usually it is in late November, BUT, I have been given a little bit of color change in MY BACK YARD! I took these pictures from my back porch yesterday morning (with my Iphone, hence poor quality).

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Jonell said...

Tina we have to 'take what we get' of this fall thing and enjoy it don't we- I can't always find the wonderful colorful leaves I want for decorating here in the deep south so I will stop and pick up any specimen anywhere..right now there are TWO YES 2 LARGE BEAUTIFUL COLORFUL LEAVES [waiting for others lol] laying on a porch table-it's still early here; I too will get in the woods and roadsides searching for natural materials with the flavor of fall in NOVEMBER.

Jonell said...
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Sandra said...

Oh but look at the beautiful greenery. lol I'm so used to desert rocks, cacti and just brown everywhere, that I LOVE seeing green lol