Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Homemaker Monday

Good Morning folks! I am loving the weather we are having (I know, unlike most in New England), but my body is NOT loving it at all. Ho-hum.

The Weather:::
It was 48 degrees when we got up this morning. There is a wind advisory alert for our area. Sustained winds of 20-25 mph and gusts up to 35 mph today. The wind has been blowing crazy all weekend. The expected high for today is 63 degrees. Clear skies. I really love the weather but I am hurting all over!! Despite MY grand weather, I cant quit looking, thinking,and checking the situation with the storm in New England.

Right now I am:
Sitting here in the computer room, listening to the wind. We harvested this weekend and my bones are paying for it. I feel 41 years old!! What the french toast??? I should not be hurting like this!!

I hope it is cold enough to build a fire in the fireplace this week. We had the foam insulation put in 2 years ago & that stuff has really helped our home! I'm also looking forward to seeing my granddaughter Wednesday...I miss her even if its only been a few days since I last hugged her. I think of her all the time.

On my reading pile:::
Nothing much...I finished "The Tale of Holly How" and I really need to get to the library.
I have a few more lessons in the Beth Moore Study, "Why Godly People Do Ungodly Things".
I picked up a book out of the "China Bayles" series by Susan Wittig Albert but it was out of sequence. I just cant read out of sequence...ITS AGAINST THE LAW you know!!
So my reading has just about stopped COLD TURKEY!!! (dont read the book out of sequence, Tina...dont do it!)

On my tv:::
Emily Owens M.D.
I'm trying to get into this one.

I'm really starting to like this new version of Sherlock Holmes. I look forward to the next episode.

Once Upon A Time
My husband & I are behind.

Love to finish last Fridays episode.

The Good Witch movie series with Catherine Bell
I love these and cant wait to watch the newest movie.

Practical Magic
Who can get through Fall without watching this movie every year! (I love the clothes!)

On the menu for this week:::
Italian Veggie Soup (I didn't get to have this last week so it is for sure happening this cool day!)
Meatball sandwiches and french fries
Cheesey Chicken Tater Tot Casserole
Baked pork, mustard greens, and sweet potatoes
Not sure..Maybe Cajun 15 bean soup OR Cheese and Sausage Grits Casserole
Saturday and Sunday will be up in the air.

On my to do list:::
Wash and change the sheets on our bed and add the winter comforter.
Blow out the garage (Cant do it today with 30 mph winds!)
Wash my little Jack Russell puppy. (He is a cool little fella)
Clean up the cook kitchen at the building. When we are working, we have a tendency to leave it in a mess.
I need/want to go to the library this week but I was hoping to NOT have to go to town this week for anything.
We harvested what pecans were ready this past week. Now it is to keep the strays picked up off the roads until more varieties of trees are ready to be shaken.

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
Really not creating anything. trying not to create any messes around here!

Homemaking Tips:::
Not sure if this is really a homemaking tip but here goes.

Right after we built our house we added a generator. It runs on propane and is attached to all the major things we need in a power outage. Our A/C & heat, lights for each room, the refrigerator, freezers, TVs, and select outlets are all attached. If our power goes out, in one minute the generator comes on automatically. It is a wonderful thing! Money well spent! We have a gas stove top but Danny made a grill that fits inside our fireplace. We have tried to think of ways to be self sufficient if we were without power for long periods of time.

We were just talking this weekend about adding a water hand pump outside. You know, like the old ones. Just as an extra source of water on the outside.

Looking around the house:::
I'm thinking I am very blessed to have such a cozy, dry place. Thinking that there will be many that will not have this in a couple of days if Sandy does her worst.

From the camera:::

I thought I would go ahead & give you a good Halloween scare!! No make-up, bobby pinned, scary mess!!

On my prayer list:::
All the folks out there in Sandy's path!! Lots of my blogger friends are in harms way.
My Father-in-law had back surgery 4 months ago. He is not recovering like we all hoped. This is a go-gettin, hard-workin, christian man. I hate this for him, my MIL and our whole family.

Bible verse, Devotional:::
I once heard Charles Stanley say this: Storms surround us all the time. We are either going into one, in the middle of one, or just coming out of one. It is how we respond to it that really matters. God is with us in all of it.

Isn't that true!

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Conny said...

oh yeh, I'm so glad you added the picture of YOU!!! Truthfully, you look great - and that's from one 41 year old to another!! :)

We are chilly here too - not liking it too much either ... and then I hear it might get up to 70 degrees this weekend!! Yeh!!!

Naomi said...

I have no idea what cheesy chicken tater tot casserole is at all but it sounds like something really comforting and amazing!

I hope the winds stay as they are and you aren't in harms way of the storm.

I replied to your comment on my blog and then thought you might not be likely to check back so thought I ought to let you know :)

Paula said...

Enjoyed hearing about your day~ your menu sounds yummy! Cute picture... wished I looked that good without makeup... ;)

Jonell said...

Long time-No hear..from you..time for a personal update. will email and see which one gets a response first..

[the Georgia Girl]

Jonell said...

Long time-No hear..from you..time for a personal update. will email and see which one gets a response first..

[the Georgia Girl]

Carrie B. said...

So nice to get your comment today! Fun checking out your blog. Hope you get a chance to come back & post more in the future! ;)

Jonell Harrison said...

I wish I could again connect with you and when I remember our last email conversations...your absence disturbs me. I fear something truly bad/worse has entered your lives.

Find me on FB or email. I would so like to hear from you.
* I imagine you know the path my life has taken since your last communication [2012]

Jonell Harrison said...

Ditto...hoping maybe you will stop by/check in one day and connect with me..My life is completely changed..I am thinking your's might be too..