Wednesday, September 01, 2010

68 Degrees!

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For the past several mornings...Mother Nature has been teasing me with a hint of Fall weather. seems many of my old blogging friends have cut back to bare minimum or have stopped all together.
Is it a phase?
I really like to blog..I love to look at other's blogs most of all. With my job, my granddaughter, and no working camera for months....I have just let it slide.
So what to do...what to do?


dot said...

Let it slide. When it becomes a burden it's time to quit. When you don't feel obligated to give comments you can enjoy reading the blogs you like. Does that make sense? lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Tina! I have been quite the blog slacker myself...Enjoying summer with my family has been so much more important than blogging...It's just hard to blog when you are outdoors and vacationing all summer.
I just started up again and i know that with the cooler weather I will definately be posting more again.
Great to have you back! whenever you feel like posting :)
Laurie Anne x