Tuesday, September 07, 2010


So where has the time gone? 2010 Is almost over? Can somebody please explain to me what the french toast is going on?

We've had some pretty fun times this past Summer. Since I didn't blog much (or at all), I think I will share a few memories over the next 2 weeks. So the count down is on.....15 days of Summer left....or is that 15 days til FALL!!! Win/Win in my book!

These are pictures from Little Package's first fishing trip to the Ohoopee river.


Kalee said...

I came over from Parisienne Farmgirl. You said something about pecan farm and I nearly swooned! Lovely blog!

dot said...

Cute pictures. I especially like the one of her walking in the sand. Well shoot, I like them all. lol

Thena said...

I looked for an email to reply to your comment. I was born in 61, so I'm not sure if that makes us close to the same age or not. You look younger than that.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures...I'm looking forward to seeing more photos of your busy summer.
I'm sad that summer is almost over too but Autumn is a pretty great season :)
Thanks for sharing!

Jonell said...

Tina I love your pictures..the fall stuff reminded me to ask: "Do you shop or visit in Blackshear? If so in the fall the GOURD PEOPLE you see are made by my high school friend [phs 1959] Charlotte Bennett-Smith-who [still] lives at Mershon.