Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Blogger has been a pain, not allowing me to download photos. But finally...I can show you some Summer pictures.

We spent a week down at the coast fishing, mostly around Cumberland Island. When the tide was bad we would take little walking trips on the island.

This is George Carnegie's home as seen from the bank of the water.

After docking, this is the path you walk to get to the home. Those are some of Cumberland's famous wild horses.

You get a better glimpse of the home as you are walking up to it. Just beautiful!

This is the very back of the home.

This is the front of the home. No way to get a really good picture of it because it is sooo big. That is me on the front porch.

The National Park Service owns the house now. Money has been set aside to renovate it. Danny & I received an unofficial tour by a couple of really nice volunteers that are living there. They are helping with the renovations also.

I have a few pictures of the inside but to tell you the truth...they are poor quality. I was so awe struck and really did not try to capture the inside. If you want to know more about the home, it's previous owners and history, you can go to this nice fellas site. Mr. Lindsey does a fabulous job.


Anonymous said...

What a home. It looks beautiful and that path. That path is breathtaking.

dot said...

I wanna go!!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Oh man, this looks so awesome. My uncle was once in Basic and sleeping out in the deep woods in Georgia when a buddy of his told him about a plantation house... falling apart... they snuck there and he told me it looked as though everyone just walked out... the DRESSES WERE STILL IN THE WARDROBES!!!! It's one of my wildest fantasies... this was like 20 years ago, I wonder if it's still standing.
Off to check out your link. Can't wait.