Thursday, June 25, 2009


I have discovered some entertaining TV shows this summer. I AM NOT A FAN OF ANY REALITY SHOWS AT ALL and neither is Danny. Even though it seems to be the "Craze" these days....well I have never been one to want to do what the "Jone's" do.

Any who......I am loving the new series on USA called ROYAL PAINS. I just love Hank!
HawthoRNe on TNT is another new series...I've only watched one episode and so far, I like it. So the DVR is set to catch more. Both of these series revolve around the medical field. Since I am a nurse....I guess that is some of the attraction for me.

Not a new series but new to me watching is BURN NOTICE. I love spy shows & movies so this is right up my alley....and funny too!!! Michael Weston, Sam & Fi are slick as oil!

THE CLEANER on A&E seems pretty good too. Again I have only watched one episode and have the DVR set to catch more. Benjamin Bratt is the star here. It is based on a true story about a guy with a drug addiction. He is rehabed and sets out to help others kick their habit.

THE CLOSER on TNT with Kyra Sedgwick has been one of my favorite shows since it started. She is girly but smart, not super woman tough but will use a gun if she needs too. A good drama.

So if your looking for a little's what my DVR is set to catch this summer.

So what's your favorite shows this year?


Jillian, Inc said...

I love the Closer! Great story plots with a little twist of humor and snark.

RiverBend Farm said...

I love your new header..looks great! When we moved into the house, we disconnected the TV..completely. We don't even have one of those converter boxes to watch local. But when we did watch, I love watching the Closer..Kyra Sedgwick is hilarious in that role.

August Rose said...

Reality TV.mmmh let's just say, I saw something on it the other day and thought I really wouldn't want explain that to my children. Some of those channels should be marked porno.

Miss. Mavee said...

I don't like reality shows either! We don't have cable or satellite and are limited to a few broadcast channels. So my pick from those are NCIS and Bones. On Saturday the girls and I enjoy watching the cooking shows on PBS. :)


dot said...

I'm busy reading that sack of books you gave me. You know I don't care much for tv anyway.
About that tv of yours...well you know what I say everytime I come down there. lol

Jen said...

My favorite this summer is America's got Talent adn Harpers them both.

Carrie said...

I love Royal Pains and Burn Notice they are very refreshing from other things on tv

Sandra said...

Haven't watched any of the ones you mentioned LOL I'll have to look into them.

Jonell said...
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