Monday, June 15, 2009

The weather in my neck of the woods:
Hot & Sunny. It was 96 yesterday. Should be about the same today.

One of my simple pleasures:
Mornings on the porch with Danny drinking coffee together.

On my bedside table:
The last few pages of Gone With the Wind. What a classic! I cant wait to see the movie again.

On my TV:
"Gidget", the first season. I love those old shows. Clean & funny. (I love Netflix!)I have also recorded some old classic movies from TCM. One is "Bringing Up Baby" with Kathrine Hepburn & Cary Grant. It is soooo funny!

On the menu for tonight:
We will be eating out at one of our favorite restaurants this evening. Chinese from "Wongs".

On my To Do List:
Buying some new furniture for a spare bedroom.
Looking at paint. Getting the necessary supplies for various paint projects.
A doctor's appointment.
Father's Day gift buying.

New Recipe I tried last week:
I made hash using cube steak from Venison. I usually use stew meat but I have a good bit of cubed meat that I need to use up. It turned out good.

In the craft basket:
I just dont have one!

Looking forward to:
Eating out again with my husband today. We had a day out sight seeing yesterday & ate out. Today we get to hang out together & eat out again. Danny has not felt like doing anything for a a year so it's nice to get out.

Homemaking Tip for this week:
I cant think of a thing!

Favorite Blog Post of the week (mine or other):
Despite her pain & suffering, my friend Miss. Mavee is still able to be humorous in it all. I love her courage.

Favorite photo from last week:
There is a huge wall of black berries growing on the edge of the woods here. The deer & rabbits come to it every day.

Lesson learned the past few days:
Getting out of the house with no known agenda, even for an afternoon, can give you a new perspective on things.

On my Prayer List:
Many Family members that are sick.
Many unspoken burdens.

Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses:
I continue to read from "Streams in the Desert". It is a daily encouragement to me.

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Sarah said...

I wanted to leap through the computer and eat those berries - YUM. I hope you have a wonderful day out and about today - sounds like you did yesterday as well. You're right, we need to enjoy the change in scenery and perspective when it is granted!

dot said...

Tina, hope you and Danny can enjoy some time together. I bet you are going to Wongs!

Jonell said...

I am loving your blog-what a great up close picture you got of the Berries!
It sounds like we may have something in common-The rural south Georgia! I grew up in south Ga in Pierce, Bacon,ware counties and my Mobley Family has lots of history in Liberty county area.

Brook said...

Those berries do look so good!

I would love to watch Gidget again...its been years!

I bet my husband would love House Fried Rice...he didn't do too bad eating his dinner, esp. since he doesn't like celery, cooked carrots or peas. :)

Jen said...

What a beautiful berry bush! My Husband and I love to just get in the car and drive down roads we haven't been down in a long time. Have a great week.

Jen said...

I have coffee on the front porch with Scott as well....usually on Saturdays and Sundays....its so nice. An I too enjoy drives out with no where to go...we actually have on our Summer Fun drive down and explore some old country roads...

Carrie said...

Love your list Gone with the Wind girl one of favorites!

Love the picture!

Kelli said...

I hope you had a good week, Tina! Those berries look delicious!

Sandra said...

Love the berries, yum. Hope you're having a great day Tina :)

Linda said...

Venison---sounds great..
My dh picked enough raspberries last week for me to make 2 quarts of raspberry syrup and freeze 4 quarts. Love wild berries......

Anonymous said...

good points and the details are more specific than elsewhere, thanks.

- Murk