Sunday, March 04, 2007


It has been a long and busy week! My youngest started a new job this week and his hours caused me to make some adjustments around here. The farm truck tore-up on us this week. After taking it to be fixed, thinking it was, going & getting it...then finding out it was in worse shape and by far fixed....we had to take it back again. TIME CONSUMING!! Spring has sprung here so things will get hopping soon enough! It hasn't been a bad week....just busy! Afterall, I did get to go fishing at the river yesterday morning....didn't get a bite but it was fun & I went to a new spot I'd never been before. My fav-o-rite great neice had her 4th bithday party yesterday afternoon and I enjoyed that too. The pictures are from the quail hunt I went on at Dorchester Plantation a couple weekends ago. A dog on point. Danny's brother & a buisness partner shooting at a covey of quail. OH that was sooooo much fun & I cant wait to go back!!
I hope everyone will be in church today. I have to work...BLAH!!!
"Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven. Matt. 5:16"
. Pray for your pastor to point to Jesus and not seek undue recognition for himself.
. Pray for people to see Jesus in your pastor and be drawn to HIM.
. Pray for members of your church to also seek to point people to Jesus and give God the glory.


Anonymous said...

Tina Leigh, that's a wonderful photo of the dog and hunter.

Can you tell us whatever happened to your mom's blog?

Annie in Little Rock

dot said...

Annie, thanks for your concern. I deleted my blog. I now have another blog but I just don't feel like blogging at present.

Anonymous said...

Well, today we sang
Victory in Jesus
my Savior forever
He sought me
and bought me
with his redeeming grace. Amen.

He sought me and I fled from him but thankfully he waited for me to come home again. My dear, Father, who has never forsaken me. sis 3

Jen said...

I love quail...fried....I was in church....worked the nursery loved holding the babies. I dont however miss Sunday my class.

Marci said...

Dot, I am so glad that you are OK and that there is communication with you. Tina, I love your photos!!!

patsy said...

i am better but still awful weak. can't seem to get strinth back

Betty said...


Great pictures today!

I have been so concerned about Dot and I miss her posting. I have learned alot about our state from her blog.

Dot, please start blogging again.WE MISS YOU......... TN said...

Good Photos. My husband took me squirrel hunting one time and I saw a snake. I wanted him to shoot it and he wouldn't. He said it would scare the squirrels. I never acquired a liking for hunting after that.

Betty said...


I whole heartedly agree with you. A funeral should be a time of rejoicing for the Lord's children. A celebration that the person is going home to be with Him

Laughter is good for the family.

Anonymous said...

Your mom and I are lots a like so....I am thinking about her. But I know she is like me and will be ok. sis 3