Thursday, October 05, 2006

If Blogger had a neck I would wring it!! Scroll down and you will see the new post (below the one I made yesterday morning). I dont know why it is acting crazy....well it could be my dead turtle slow internet! I haven't been able to use spell check either and well my spellin aint so great!! LOL!! I really shouldn't complain...I am too Blessed!! Oh one other thing....friends dont give up on me...I'm still trying to catch up on blogs and everything else around here. I added toooo much work to myself yesterday after picking peas & sweet taters, being gone on vacation and working! ARGH!!! I dont know if I will ever get all these peas shelled and put up!!! Hope yall have a good day!!


Anonymous said...

Love all your pictures. They just make me want to go NOW.

patsy said...

yes that was brother clayton the cook. i am looking forward to photos of the smokies.

mouse said...

tina invite your mama up for a visit, she can help you shell those peas. Ha ha!! No comments necessary dot.