Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Would GOD eat at Chick-fil-a?

I think HE would!


Jonell said...

mmmmm lemmee think about that~ Actually if we are serious ??!! God doesn't need nourishment,right?
HOWEVER..again if we are serious~ I can say w/o hesitation that God WOULD [does/has] BLESS THOSE 'LIKE CHICK FIL A OWNERS'WHO OBEY AND HONOR HIM'

All in Fun...but seriously-EAT MORE CHICK FIL A


Tina Leigh said...

Oh yes, I totally agree! HE doesn't need food, nor anything we have but HE desires our worship. Heck, HE would just have His Son break some buns and put one fillet in the basket and pass it around!! Lol!! But I know GOD likes good food... Quail...come on now! And I ain't real sure mana wasn't a form of cornbread !!

Jonell said...

funneeeeee! don't think we could live w/o cornbread.