Tuesday, July 31, 2012


It's hard to find a good TV show.

One I have enjoyed over the last few years has been TNT's "The Closer". Well, there are only two episodes left.

Do any of you watch it? I was tearful at the end of last nights episode! So sad. BUT, there will be a spin off that I'm looking forward to.
"Major Crimes"

Another show I am enjoying is "Perception", also on TNT.

I pretty much stay away from reality shows. I did become a fan of "Swamp People" and "Mountain Men". The interaction among the families on "Swamp People" was/is encouraging.

If you are a follower of "Swamp People", isnt it so sad about the death of Mitchell Guist! What will happen to his poor brother Glenn.

A first look at the "Swamp People" and it may be easy to think these are simple, rednecks without a job. I am envious of them!! These are hard working, smart individuals that were not afraid to support their families in such an unconventional way! What a life!!!

Now I will have to confess something here. In the 90's when I was furthering my degree, (not working)my husband worked construction at the time. When in between jobs, Danny would trap...and hunt...and fish. Trapping was a pretty impressive job. One of true skill. Maybe I wll share more of the old Trapper Dan days (as we call it around here) in a post one day.

We didnt know it at the time, but we were living a pretty good life. Dont Knock it!

So that's it for TV....
Kinda got a little off subject there didn't I? LOL!


SweetPepperRose said...

Hey Tina! yes ma'am we do have lots in common :) I gotta admit, that Gus was a handsome character!

Rest assured there is yet ANOTHER drawing coming up VERY soon - August 15th to be exact, in honor of my 49th birthday. More info on that SOOOON. :)

Jonell said...

No, I don't do the REALITY shows either..makes me sad knowing so many young people do watch them..bad subjct w me.
You opened it up now...hope you wl plan to share some of your OTHER LIFE w us in the future.

Farmgirl Paints said...

hi there! we are tv addicts...where you shy away from reality i'm drawn to it like a bug to a hot lamp. my favorite during the summer is big brother. we also love so you think you can dance, project runway, mentalist, leverage, burn notice, hawaii 5-0, castle, grey's anatomy... i know i'm missing some. kinda sad!

mississippi artist said...

I love Swamp People! Glenn is going to be in Jackson, near me this weekend, doing an appearance. I so admire the people on this show, they don't care if others look down on them-they know they are making an honest living!