Tuesday, July 07, 2009

NO WIND, NO RAIN? What the heck?

Last week at 4:15 a.m. my phone rang one short ring....just enough to wake me up. The electricity was off. We have a generator that comes on in one minute so I waited...but it didn't kick on....so I woke Danny.

He went out to start the generator. It was as calm out side as the moment Jesus said "Peace be still.". Once the generator was running I checked the weather channel to see if we missed something. No bad weather at all.

I called the hospital to see if there was some big wreck in my area that knocked the power out....nope. So I called the light company & reported the outage. The electricity was restored at daybreak and we were informed there was a limb down on the edge of our property.

As you can see one of the 100+ year old pecan trees split off. (I wouldn't call that a limb down!) Thank God it didn't land on my neighbor's home. It was a big mess but once Danny got the limbs off it didn't look as bad.

We will use it for firewood.


Sandra said...

I'm glad it wasn't anything serious but yeah, what is up with that? How did the limb just fall down?

Joyce said...

Thanks for visiting my blog commenting on Hilton Head islands 4th of July celebration. You have a cute blog and I love the little blue eyed girl:) So adorable. A pecan farm must be an interesting place to live. Bet you have people asking you what kind of pies you like to make:) I will visit again.

Carrie said...

Thats a big "limb" at least you can use it!

Jonell said...

Tina in texas we had about 40 pecan trees around our home and in ther field in front of the house. Was it a pecan tree?
With that many we just couldn't affort to pay to have them trimmed back as they needed-but just like my husband told me..They will Prune themselves..often we'd hear a significant CRACKING sound and couldn't spot it..before long the cracking turned into crashing an wham it hits the ground..never failed. Yes they pruned themselves.

dot said...

Well, that was a big clean up job but at least you will have firewood.

Susanne said...

Wow. Sorta makes one sad to hear of a hundred year old tree breaking like that. So glad no one was hurt though and nothing damaged. Well other than the poor tree.

Jen said...

Wow.....good thing it happened when everyone was asleep.

Charity said...

Good thing everyone is ok! I remember a year when my parents pecan trees kept shedding limbs, but it was a wet year.

Thanks for visiting my show and tell!