Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Like the lack of rain aint enough then we had to get some freezing temps for a few days! The pecan trees had already put on tender leaves & some were ready to pollinate. The young trees are burnt & much of the bigger trees top growth are burnt also. The big trees should fair better but I dont know if we will have a crop or not. Danny is worried about the young trees living. Danny called the county extension man to ask his opinion of it all. Well he had only seen a freeze like this once in his life...so who knows. The blueberry farmers are in a pickle too! They already had fruit on their plants! DRY!! Oh my it is sooo dry here. We haven't had any rain since March the 1st & our water table has been low for a few years now. Well there is one thing about it all....GOD knows what we need before we ask. I wonder how many of the farmers have murmured but not ASKED?! I think I'll do a mental check of that when I'm beating around hear. I will make it a priority to ask the farmers if they have ASKED GOD for rain. You never know what will come out of it all!


Trella said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I pray that y'all get rain.

Kelli said...

Your poor trees, Tina! God can work miracles so I will keep your pecan trees and farm in my prayers!
Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Tina, they said on the new tonight that the peach crop in north Ga is ruined. I don't know about the ones down in the state. The price of everything will go up because of this. your mother

~ Amy ~ said...

I know that if God can bring the rain he can also mend and repair those damaged trees.

Thanks for visiting my site - you're always welcomed!

Sister--Three said...

Tina, I am sad for your trees.
Nature is cruel. You will see on my
blog today. Same theme, but sometimes nature will triumph.
I hope the trees come back strong and you show us another photo of them loaded with nuts.

patsy said...

trees have had frozen here also, even weeds. if a black snake can find your nest he will eat the eggs. in hot weather they are more active. i have a ax out buy my hen house just in case.

patsy said...

trees have had frozen here also, even weeds. if a black snake can find your nest he will eat the eggs. in hot weather they are more active. i have a ax out buy my hen house just in case.

Marci said...

Oh Tina, I hope you get a crop this year. Your talking about praying for rain reminds me of that Ricky Skaggs song "Give Us Rain"...

Grandpa raised a family on a worn out cotton farm
Borrowed money on his word, he never did nobody harm
Sometimes he’d get discouraged when a dry spell came around
He’d go out in the cotton field and he’d kneel down on the ground

Give us rain, on this dry old ground today
Give us rain, wash the troubled times away
I believe You’re faithful, I’m not meaning to complain
But Lord, we sure could use a little rain
Lord, we sure could use a little rain

I moved to the city when I turned twenty two
Saw a way of livin’ that my grandpa never knew
I’m a different kind of farmer in a different kind of field
Plantin’ words of hope in a ground as hard as steel

There’s a crop of thirsty people in this dry old dusty town
They grew up fast but withered when the scorchin’ sun came down
Although there is a difference the need is still the same

And just like Grandpa’s cotton field they need a little rain

Tina Leigh said...

Thanks everyone for your concern & prayers! Marci I have never heard that song & I'm not much on country but I've got to hear that! Gave me chills!! I'm so glad you took the time to post all the words!! I will show this to Danny!

Lori B said...

Thanks for coming over to my blog and commenting. I always like new faces.
I will be coming back to your blog too. If you don't mind.

I like all the photos in your blog.
They are very nice.
I like your 100th post.
I love your 100th post. We have the exact same birth date 1/31/71. That is pretty cool. I will have to do that when I my 100th post too.

I hope your trees do ok. Right now we are dealing with snow again (in April). So frustrating. I wish it was warmer out and that we had springlike weather.