Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Boy it's bad when your own Mama puts pressure on you to blog!! My work schedule has been so crazy that even when I have had a day off I just haven't felt like getting on-line. Most of my friends know that I have 4 more night shifts to work ( beginning Saturday) and then I will be on strait days!! YES!! So maybe I can get on a better routine. In the mean time I will post a few things kind of at once... I hope you will enjoy!


dot said...

Tina, I'm sorry I put pressure on you. Really. If you see that you can't keep the blog up why don't you just close it down. When you started it I wondered how you were going to have time to do it.

How often do you other ladies post? ( Those who also work)

Tina Leigh said...

Mama u know I love it! I have just been to tired of late with this crazy schedule....I'm just pulling your leg about the pressure,lol! I want some of that TATER SALAD & ICE CREAM!!!