Tuesday, October 25, 2011


It's what we've worked for all year. Now is the time to bring in the harvest, to reap the benefits of my husbands labor, the graciousness of God.

It's all grown right here on our little farm.


mississippi artist said...

Your mustard looks wonderful and it looks like there is a good crop of pecans. I don't think there are many pecans here this year, it has been so dry this year.

Jonell said...

Tina, we need to order fresh produce from you girl..will you have SWEEET POTATOES when we comethat way in the fall..no..REALL, TELL ME WHAT WILL BE READY at that time.
We grow what we can now in the back of our lot but we like to get larger quanties of things we like..ex sweet potatoes and put in the freezer..love the lettuce..lol we grow just enough lettuce for us and to share ..RSVP please.am serious about the inquiry