Tuesday, February 02, 2010


It is old news to most of you now...Ole Phil & his shadow has given us 6 more weeks of Winter!

It is 52 degrees and drizzling rain here today. Makes for a cold damp day!

My husband requested a "Tater Sandwich" for his lunch so I was up & in the kitchen early this morning. After making his lunch I started tonight's supper....Taco soup. The recipe is a little different from what I've cooked before & I think it will be a keeper.

I want to thank Susanne for the "HAPPY 101 AWARD"! That was mighty nice of ya!

So here are 10 things that make me happy.
1. A good meal, especially if I cooked it. (that sense of accomplishment I guess).
2. A fire in the fireplace.
3. Daisys!!!
4. My grand daughter!!
6. Sunrises.
7. Like Susanne....a good cup of coffee!
8. DVR or Tvo or what ever you call that thingy that lets me record my shows & then watch WITHOUT commercials!
9. Peanut butter...anyway you spread it or cook it or dip it.
10. Blogging! I love it! I can stay at home & go so many places, visit many friends, & learn so much with out ever leaving the house!!!

I would feel wayyyy to guilty trying to give this award out to a select few because the truth is....if I go to your blog...you make me HAPPY & you deserve the HAPPY 101 AWARD....other wise I would not waste my time!! So you know who you are!

Steal the button if you like & list 10 things that MAKE YOU HAPPY! Don't we all need this in our life!!


Susanne said...

Ten was not enough to list all my "happy" things. I could have added any one of yours to my list too. Especially PVR. I lurve my PVR! No commercials and getting to watch a show when I want to not when they dictate I have to be home to watch! Awesome.

I have to say I am not a morning girl though so sunsets would probably make my list as I have not seen too many sunrises. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Love Taco Soup. It's on my menu for tomorrow. Yummo. Love your 10 things.

Jen said...

I love your answers....i too love peanut butter..and your soup looked awesome...Im making minestrone soup today...yum !!!! The sun is shining here today....:)

debra said...

You soup looks delish. Do you have a recipe you can share???

Sandra said...

Darn winter, it's just dragging this year.

The soup looks so good :)