Monday, January 11, 2010


It has been consistently cold here for 3 weeks! I have enjoyed it though.

I have a confession to make.

My Christmas tree is still up!


I hate myself!


Sparky said...

I didn't even put mine up! "Bad girl". :)

I have a new political blog: The Reluctant Patriot I hope you can follow me! God bless. :) xx

Anonymous said...

Don't hate yourself! I read recently on someones blog that they have decided to leave their tree up until Valentines day. Why not!? It is magical...and very romantic..
Keep Warm! It's pretty darn cold here too xx

Kelli said...'s cold here too! Too funny about the tree, last year ours was up past the 15th. Ours only came down this past Wednesday and I made the girls take off the ornaments and lights. Wish I could stop by and help you!

Carrie said...

its so cold here I hate it.

Stay warm don't worry about the tree!

Reviekat said...

Don't feel badly - ours is still up and will be on purpose!

Sounds like you need a good fireplace, book, and mug of something hot to get you through the brrrs!!


Sandra said...

LOL but I bet it looks beautiful still

Tina Leigh said...

I'm glad the tree is down finally. Now what about that gingerbread house??? lol

Your mother (posting on your computer)

Jen said...

Get that tree down this weekend! Girl! Its been really cold here too but warming up thank the good Lord...hope everyone is doing well.

Andrea said...

Hey Tina. Next time you talk to your mom tell her I love her and I miss her.

Jonell said...

Tina Mine just came down Thursday-and it would likely still be up had not our son from pensacola told us he was coming by when he finished a job in Dothan. There was an ulterior motive-if we timed it just right he could help Ted box it up and get it UP INTO THE ATTIC...hey it worked! I always hate to see it those little clear/white lights-but I still have the greenery garland things [with lights woven thru it] on the mantle..Guess u could say I'm weaning myself off of Christmas slowly /wow look-all that space in the living room -now i will HAVE TO CLEAN AGAIN TN said...

I still have one on my front porch. When it came the big snow last week, I turned the lights on. It looked so pretty.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog thru Sparky's and just wanted to say "hi" and follow another Georgian! I'm north of Atlanta, near Holly Springs & Waleska. I have enjoyed looking thru your blog this rainy afternoon. We had ice/snow in the driveway up until Friday and now RAIN! ugh - I'm ready for Spring.