Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Does anyone do Mobile Blogging? I am able to look at everyones blog on my BlackBerry but it will not allow me to comment using my phone. I am signed in so I just don't know what the problem is. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Sandra said...

I don't hardly blog lately and even less on my phone LOL

Wish I could help.

Jonell said...

I don't..of course the grands do-
Tina you need to meet my friend [from h.s.] who lives not far from "downtown mershon" I will email you her name etc. she's lived there over 50 yrs she thought she should recog ur name :^))

Anonymous said...

I've has nothing but problems with mobile blogging. I'm thinking of getting one of those super-small laptops instead.

I also have problems commenting and, on cloudy days or even-numbered days I can't see the graphics.

Carrie said...

I wish I could help

Anonymous said...

I don't mobile blog. Hope you find your answer!
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