Friday, May 29, 2009

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1. FAMILY! You know there is really nothing quite like family. I enjoyed cousins coming even if it was for the death of a loved one. My Mama is always here at just the right time helping me with all the preparations. Nick my oldest son, I couldn't have done it all without him. I miss drinking coffee with him on the porch in the mornings.

2. A GOOD CUP OF COFFEE! Nothing Like it! BUT, I am just about out of my Dunkin Donut coffee. I use whole bean and I cant find it anymore at my local stores. Of a matter of fact, I'm having trouble finding ANY WHOLE BEAN COFFEE!

3. SUNRISES ON MY FRONT PORCH! The weather has been so ugly here for so long. I did get one great sunrise this week! Thank you Lord!

4. A GOOD DEVOTIONAL. I have been reading "Streams in the Desert" this year and recently was loaned a book called "Walking With God" that is great as a devotional too.

5. A HEALTHY HUSBAND! Danny has been sickly for a year but has finished his treatment (something I want to post about sometime but need his permission first). The most important thing is he is much better now. I see him doing things that he hasn't been able to do for a year. God is good! All the time! God is good!!!

This is my first Friday Fav Five but I have always enjoyed Jen. I found a new blog in the process!


Finding Pam said...

God has blessed you with abundant joy. Lovely friday's fave five.

Your pecan trees are wonderful.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

Nice to meet you. Blessings, Pam

Ailurophile said...

Nice Friday Faves! I think family is indeed the greatest blessing and source of happiness for us all. Nice blog, and hope you find many more blessings in life ahead :)

Brook said...

I love your first comment about family being so important! Before I even read your post for today I read that you live on a pecan farm. One of my greatest memories as a child was sitting at the picnic table under the big tree with my maternal grandparents and "cracking"? pecans for grandma to store for baking. They were winterbirds in TX and some of their friends would give them two big brown grocery bags full each year.

Brook said...

I am going grocery shopping today and I am sure the stores here have whole bean Dunkin Donuts coffee. One of my girlfriends loves it too. I look and see if I can pick you up a package.

Barbara H. said...

So glad your husband is feeling better! I read Streams in the Desert some years back. It's a classic. I should probably do so again some time!

I so agree about family. I'm sorry for the loss of your loved ones but glad you had family with you.

We're enjoying a wonderful sunshiny day after several days of rain. Glorious! Sunrises on the porch sound just lovely.

hip chick said...

What a lovely FFF. Family and our health are very important. And, of course, coffee runs a very close second. I think you can always get the whole bean directly at DD's.

Jen said...

I love your favorites...we have Dunkin Donut Coffee in Sunday School rocks! At least you got one sunrise....that makes all the rain worth while...have a good weekend.

Jerralea said...

Welcome to FFF! Glad to have you.

I agree with you, family is everything.

Sunrises on the front porch sound wonderful! In my case, it would have to be the back porch, LOL.

Thanks for commenting on my blog. No, I don't live in Tennessee ... but wish I did!

Jientje said...

First FF? Welcome! You have some great five's despite the sadness over the loss of a loved one. The best thing is your husband is getting better again. Oh and I LOVE a good cup of coffee too, and whole beans are so much better than the grounded stuff, I agree, even though I tend to be a little lazy sometimes. I can still find beans though?!!

Lisa notes... said...

What a sweet fave five. Except for the coffee--haven't learned to drink it yet. But I do love to smell it. Does that count? :-)

I agree that seeing family at deaths isn't the best of occasions, but they are wonderful times to reunite with people we don't see often enough. I have fond memories of seeing cousins and others at funerals; sometimes it's the only time we see each other now that we're grown.

Yes, God is good, all the time. Blessings to you!

shopannies said...

love sunrises and sundowns and my porch sees them both quite well. I also love dunkin donut coffee often while sitting on that same porch

Willow said...

Welcome to your first Fave Five! I love doing this every week as it helps me focus on God's goodness each day and week.

I'm so glad with you that your husband is feeling better.

Oh I love me my cuppa in the mornings too!

annie said...

Great list. I have that book too!

Brenda said...

Dunkin Donuts coffee is one of my favs too. In my town I can usually find it at Walmart.

Sounds like a great week!

ellen b. said...

Hi Tina! It is good to be with family!! I'm so glad hubby is doing better. I love my coffee, too! :0)
Blessings on you and yours!! happy weekend to you!

gianna said...

i'm with lisa on the cup of coffee. i have tried and tried and TRIED to drink it and i can't, but oh, i so WANT to. thanks for stopping by my blog! nice to "meet" you!

Susanne said...

Welcome Tina! So glad you joined us at Fave Five!

The news about your hubby is wonderful. I'm sure it must have been hard on you watching him go through his health issue.

We use whole been coffee too and buy it at Costco. Are you near one? They have a few varieties to choose from around here. Unfortunately Dunkin' Donuts brand isn't one of them.

You have a beautiful home and I can just imagine watching sunrises from a front porch.

I just recieved a Corrie Ten Boom Devotional, "I Stand at the Door and Knock", and am looking forward to getting into it.

Beth said...

I don't drink coffee but have heard lots of people raving about DunkinDonut coffee.. Thanks for stopping by!