Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The temperature was 59 degrees this morning. Package and I felt frisky and decided to go for a walk.

The sun was just coming up.

And the Full Moon was going down. Can you see it in the upper right corner?

I love the Fall.


A happy heart at home said...

Cute baby! Nice pics. RYC: That didn't make me squimish! We've had deer, bear, and duck.


dot said...

She looks like she's ready to go! Did you grow that pretty sunflower?

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Can you send us some of that nice cool air?? We're still having weather in the 80s here in FL!

Thank you for joining us in prayer!


P.S. - Do you sell your pecans by mailorder? I love fresh pecans! (I'm originally from AL)

Jen said...

What a nice morning you two had. I love those kinds of days.
Enjoy her this week!

Angela said...

Love the pictures! Especially the sunflower... and that cute baby girl of course! I have been catching up on your blog...