Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I don't remember January being this dreary in several years. Not much sun shine here in the South at all. It's hard to believe the month is almost over. I've had a birthday & anniversary this month, started a new work schedule (working Friday, Saturday & Sundays only)and the big task of pruning the pecan trees has started. My husband had the bright idea of getting 1000 pounds of pecans cracked to put in the freezer. (Guess who gets the wonderful task of picking them all out......YEAH ME!!!!!!!) Danny's parents have helped with some already but I absolutely HATE DOING IT! I don't like sitting in the same place forever to hull out a bunch of nuts! I have things to do for crying out loud!!!!

Anyway...that's the major happenings here in South Georgia. Hope all is well with all of you!

My African Violet is the only colorful thing here on the hill!


dot said...

I guess that is just an expression because you sure aren't on a hill! lol
Your violet looks really good. You must be doing something right.
Tony has been pruning the scupernines for days. He just does a little at a time.
Wish I could help you pick out the "nuts". lol

Marci said...

I would love to come and sit and help you pick out the nuts. I would rather come and talk to you while holding the Little Package. =) Let her be your sunshine!!!

Salty said...

Good to see some new material, your whity comments have been missed :)

Kelli said...

Ooh...you've been busy, Tina! Is the Little Package keeping you busy too? :0) Your African Violet is so pretty, mine doesn't feel like blooming right now. LOL

Willard said...

Hi Tina,

Good to see a post from you. We were starting to worry! As Salty said, we have missed your comments and excellent posts.

Sister--Three said...

YOUR violet is so pretty. Send some nuts our way. We will enjoy them and think of you. teehee.

My girls help with the shelling chore..but I see their little hands going toward their mouths and not toward the shelled bowl. I smack any hand that reaches toward that bowl to take a handful out!

Andrea said...

Your violet is beautiful.
I wish I had just one pecan tree. Pecans are so expensive in the stores. Dot told me you were working a new work schedule. I hope it is going all right. And hope you are able to spend some time with that special little one.

patsy said...

i bet our deary beats your dreary. try picking out black walnuts.

Jen said...

The weather here is crazy today..the high is supposed to be 75 you know what that means...storms. Just Friday we had snow....me and Miller are staying home to avoid the messy weather outside...your violet is really pretty.....

Lori said...

Hi Tina Leigh,

Just catching up on your blog.

Happy Belated Birthday and Happy Anniversary to you.

What is your new job.
I start a new job too in a couple of weeks. I will be going to work for the new dentist in town here. It will be a whole new world for us.