Sunday, December 03, 2006

Burning the midnight oil happens a lot in pecan season. After getting the nuts up they have to be put in the cleaner so the trash can be picked out & the pecans can be graded. Frequently we do the cleaning & grading after it is to dark to see in the fields.
If you enlarge the top left picture you can see the big wagon backed up to the conveyor where the pecans go up into the cleaner. It it too dark to tell but lots of the leaves & trash are being blowed out the top into another wagon. The trash is hauled off later. The other pictures show the graded & cleaned pecans as they go into the 100 pound sacks.


Kelli said...

Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful photos of your pecan harvest, Tina!! The pecans are beautiful and so is your little place in Georgia!

~Flora~ said...

So very interesting! Thank you for the tour! How many trees do you have, Tina? And to think that you guys planted all of these and got all of this started!! How cool is that! :o)

dot said...

Tina, the pictures are really good. TN said...

Tina, I had never really given it a thought how much work goes into harvesting pecans. WOW!!!! That is so neat. I love the machine that shakes the trees. I would like to have one of those to shake my apple trees. LOl No, I guess it would bruise the apples.
Don't feel bad because you are busy. Just know that I think of you and I miss you posting, but you will post when you can, I am sure.
Do you still like pecans after having access to so many?