Thursday, September 06, 2007


You cant get on the Internet or go shopping in any store without seeing FALL advertised. I'm not complaining! And for the first time since we've planted pecan trees....I AM REALLY EXCITED ABOUT HARVEST TIME! As you can see we are already harvesting grapes off the vine. Danny & I have already made one batch of the black grape jelly. Don't you love the color of the grapes! Now I am a person that doesn't like much change but I love how GOD is smarter and knows my needs better than me......why else would HE send the Seasons! I see HIS work in those grapes, the beauty of HIM. I don't know about you but that just excites me! GOD cared enough about me & Danny to give us such a pretty spot in HIS world and then confirms HIS love for us often. I see it all the time but it is just so evident to me when I look at the change in the Seasons....when I look at the beauty of the grapevine and it's produce.